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HI Brody,

How thoughtful of you. The only advice I have is to do what feels right for you. One can never go wrong when we listen to our heart and act accordingly. Your work friend is blessed to have you near.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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As a grandmother who has lost two grandchildren, I can tell you a kind word, phone call or a card at any time is warmly accepted by one who has lost a child. It will show your friend that you are still thinking of her/him and more importantly, still care that she/he still is in pain and may want and/or need to talk to someone. Many people forget the pain does not end the day after the funeral. You must be a very compassionate and understanding person. A thinking of you card with a personal message would be very nice. God bless people such as you.

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Brody, I think a card at any time is a lovely idea. I lost my mother only 3 months ago, and I can tell you that I would absolutely love to receive a card or some kind of acknowledgment from anyone. Most people tend to think that grieving ends shortly after the funeral and that we should all be back to "normal" by now. Your work friend is very blessed to have someone like you who cares enough to realize that she is still very much in pain.

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