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I Need To Know How To Put My Picture Back Up


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Hi Shelley ~ What a wonderful picture of your beloved Chelsea! I've always wondered what this precious animal looked like ~ now I know!

As to your questions about pictures: Bear in mind that there are two ways to use pictures on our site. One is your profile picture, which is the one you want to appear on your personal profile page. The other is your avatar photo, which will appear next to each of your posts. If you go to My Settings, then under Your Options click on the Profile tab, you'll see a list of options on the left side, including Change Photo and Change Avatar. I think you'll want to use the Change Photo option if you want to restore the photo of yourself on your personal profile page.

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Thanks Marty and Niamh, I did as you said to do Marty and it worked, and thanks for all your kindness, Chelsea is my one true love and Evan he is just a great kind and amazing boy... Shelley

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