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Goodbye Miss Toni


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Toni, my beautiful Airedale companion died suddenly of a stroke on Friday. As I read some of the posts on this site I started sobbing with the knowledge that many of you share my pain through your own loss. Toni brought me joy, laughter, and wonderful companionship. The loss is strikingly raw. As I see lingering nose prints on the car windows I know I will wipe clean one day soon, tears come to my eyes. When the snow falls I know it will soon cover the remaining paw prints and tracks from her running across the yard in chase of something that caught her attention.

I know this will pass, but the pain zaps my spirit. She would want me to move on and remember with laughter instead of tears. I will breathe deeply to dislodge the weight on my chest, and honor her as you all honor those you have lost. What wonderful creatures we have been so fortunate to know and love. We can only hope they may feel some of that back from us as well.

Best wishes to all of you who are suffering today, and remember the good while grieving your loss. They would want that.

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I'm sorry you lost your dog, it's very very hard to get used to, all the more so as they are our best companions. We are very blessed to have them here with us the time that we have, but I've heard it said, the deeper our love, the deeper our grief, and that seems to hold true.

I hope with time you can remember him and smile without it hurting so much.

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