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My cat had kittens today, and at first I was really happy. She decided to sit on my lap when she had the first one, and always wanted me around, so I stayed up all night with her. I thought she was done at 4 kittens, but apparently, she wasn't. She had 2 more while I had a nap, a few hours after the 4th kitten was born, and they didn't make it. I had no idea there could still be more in there... I feel terrible, I had been waking up every few minutes to check on her and then I just conked out suddenly, and when I came to, there they were...

Everyone in my family had been praising me about how good a "midwife" I was being, but now I just feel really bad. Like it's my fault, and I could have helped had I been awake. And I'm still terrified that there could be more in there, even though this is my cat's first time giving birth, and 6 seems like a really big number. I feel sooooo guilty, and I want to get my cat to a vet soon, so that hopefully if there are any more, they might be safe... I just, I was so happy today, and now I feel so sad all over again...

Anyway, I needed to get that off of my chest so I can be a little more composed around my family. I'm taking this pretty hard... It was my first time helping kittens be delivered, so... Well, yeah. That's all I can really write for now. Nothing sucks more than dead kittens.

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I'm sorry about your experience, it must be hard for her as well. I guess cats sometimes have problems birthing, just like we do...maybe it was premature? It wasn't your fault, it would have happened even if you'd had her at a vet. No one takes their cat to the vet when they are about to birth...they've been doing it alone for centuries, you and your cat are just on the receiving end of bad luck of the draw. I guess I'd have her checked out as well and just make sure everything is okay with her. Poor little momma cat, I guess she'll be needing some extra TLC.

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