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There are days when I feel like myself again and other days when I am depressed. Lately I am feeling more depressed because my birthday is on Friday, April 15, the first without my mother and then the anniversary of her death is on May 2. It doesn't help that my family is not close anymore. My brother feels like I do, but even though we live close by, we don't see each other every day or talk every day. My Dad is dating again and it seems like my brother and I are left on our own. I understand we're not teenagers anymore, in fact I'm going to be 41 on Friday, but since mom has been gone, I need him now more than ever. I know that everyone grieves in their own way, but I feel like he's ignoring me and my brother. He even wants to take his girlfriend to my mom's unveiling, which I feel is disrespectful to my mother. I realize he wants her to meet the family who lives up north where my mom is buried, but taking her to the unveiling is not something I'm comfortable with and I don't know how to tell my Dad. I have a feeling that he will listen to me, but do whatever he wants to do whether I like it or not.

I can't deal with all of this and don't know what to do!

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mom2jared, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this on top of your mom's passing. I know what you mean about needing your dad now more than ever. Since my mom passed, I've gotten very protective of my dad and I'm terrified that something will happen to him. We spend a lot of time together now.

Maybe talking to him about how uncomfortable you are with him bringing his girlfriend will do some good. At the very least, you'll know that you were honest with your feelings and didn't hold back. If he chooses to bring her anyway, then at least you know you tried.

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