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Funeral Payment-Harassment?

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In the midst of my grief over the loss of my mom six weeks ago, I am dealing with our funeral director, still. The cost of the funeral was a whopping $13, 895 although it was very basic and we cut corners. I had to pay $4500 up front and I explained that I could pay the rest in installments later. Last week she had someone call me to see "how I was doing" and wondered when I was going to handle the rest of the bill.

I emailed back last Monday and said that I would have money available this week and I would send a check. She emailed me today and asked if we could "get together" because she is going out of town on Friday. I mailed a check for $5000 and a note that I could pay the remainder by the end of May.

Are funeral directors prone to "stalk" for money under the pretense of caring for the family? Had I known this I would have gone elsewhere. I am grieving and disgusted! HELP11

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I am sorry for your loss. I think that the funeral director as a person may understand but as a business may not as to how difficult it is for us to lose someone and for them to make a business out of someone's loss. Unfortunately we are living in a more and more rushed life and don't always have the time to be thoughtful or care enough.

Please Take care,


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