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Since The Deaths Of My Parents I Really Hate My Life


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Hi All,

Since the deaths of my parents, I really hate my life and the way it is going.. I try really hard to just live life the way my mom would have wanted me to.. I try to make myself happy and to make myself seem like I am perfectly okay but I just can not do it anymore... I can not make people understand what I am going through.. They believe that i am mentally challenged and want to stay sad all the time.. I do have problems with anxiety and depression but I am seeing a therapist to help me deal with these issues.. I am also seeing a psychiatrist to get tested for ADD because my doctor thinks I might be ADD.. It just seems that it is one health issue after another for me right now.. SORRY I JUST NEEDED TO VENT.. shelley

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Guest Robert27

Hi again Shelley

Sorry your haveing a hard time, just know We all Care about you, and You can vent as much as you need too, You Are NOT Alone A lot of people deal with anxiety and depression problems, I know how that can feel sometimes,

I hope things get better for you and I just want to Say I Care, and like I said if you ever feel the need to just Talk you can always email me and I'll try and answer as soon as I can, and hopefuly help, like I said sometimes it helps to just know someone Cares and will Listen!

;) Take Care my friend.

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Hi Marty, Thanks for sharing that article with me I just read it and I found it very interesting.. I had a session today with my therapist and just before going in for my session I had a very weird feeling and weird things happen to me.. When I discussed this with my therapist she mentioned that it sounded to her that I had a panic attack and so we talked alot about what might have set it off but I really still do not know what it was... I know now that I will heal in the end but it might take several years to get through it all or it could just take a few it is up to me and the way I deal with everything that has happened to me... Thanks again Shelley

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