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The Myth Of Closure


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Dear Ones,

I read this post on the MentalHelp.Net Web site earlier this week, and want to share it with all of you:

The Myth of Closure: We Can Heal Without It

by Bob Livingstone, LCSW April 18, 2011

We are brainwashed by television and movies at a very young age that there is a glorious, happy ending at the end of every story. This phenomenon instructs us that our lives should always include happy endings. We are taught that anything less than total fulfillment and smiles all around amounts to dismal failure. We are taught this concept called closure. It is a term used often in contemporary media and it means to heal a personal loss or trauma such as death of a loved one, being abused by a parent or being a child of an alcoholic parent. After this process, we are supposed to ride off into the sunset with this emotional pain never darkening our door step again.

Well, this is actually impossible to accomplish unless you get total amnesia. If you have the expectation that you will not have any sad or frightening memories about this trauma once you have believed you have fully healed, you will find yourself deeply disappointed and frustrated. Read on here>>>

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Thank you, Marty. I love your honesty on this site...There are so many myths around grieving....and you shoot straight and lead us to great and realistic articles.

Thank you. MFH

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