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Hi All,

Since the start of my journey I have had the problem with the family about my parents remains, I have had trouble leaving the old house behind, I have had to deal with so much... I am now out of the blue having panic attacks... My therapist says it is because of everything I am going through with the house and the remains of my parents... I am so scared I had one on Saturday and it scared me to death, I started to cry and could not stop I thought I was going to die... you see this is why I have to deal with the remains and I am going back to the old house so that I can stop these Panic attacks from ever happening to me again.. Shelley

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Guest Nicholas

My sister suffers so badly from panic attacks that she is practically housebound, and also has a son to look after. If she manages to go out, she cannot go anywhere near main roads or even cross a street. It is terrible for her, so I can sympathize with you.

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Hi All, As some of you know I have had a very rough time with the thought of going back to see my old childhood home,, Some of the reason is that I was rushed away from it before I could finish grieving and also say a proper good bye to it... Another reason is that I had alot of abuse happen at this house by my father... I also felt like I lost another piece of me because I lived there for so long.. Well I did it friends I walked past the house and eventhough I cried so much I managed to walk past and walk past again... I even met up with an old neighbor but could not talk for long due to the fact I was crying alot.. Shelley

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