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Missing Wilma


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I have been reading these storys on here and i know exactly how you feel. I lost my baby 3 months ago and I still miss her so much. I couldn't miss her more if she was human. She was such a wonderful cat. My email name is wilmasmoma. Wilma was my baby. I have her pictures hung up all over the house. I know i should probally change my screen name and take all her pictures down because im having such a hard time dealing with this and ya know the funny thing is is I work for hospice. I deal with death every day and i can't get over the death of a cat. I thought maybe by writing this it would give me some comfort. I read the letter on here about the woman not burying her pet in the field and wondering if she should have kept the ashes. I kept Wilmas ashes and atleatst once a week I breakdown when i look at her box. I thought the best thing that I could do is adopt a cat from the animal shelter, so i adopted a cat i named Frank. It didn't help, though i love Frank I will never love him the same way that I loved Wilma. Im glad they have places like this where people can talk and help each other. Every one have a nice day.

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I'm sorry you lost your cat. I totally understand...working in hospice you deal with OTHER people's deaths every day, but it's different when it's your own loss. We are very close to our pets, they are special to us, they love us unconditionally and are such an intricate part of our lives.

I know what you mean...one pet does not replace another, each one knits their own special place in our hearts and some we are closer to than others. I hope you end up feeling just as close to Frank one day.

Good luck to you,


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