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Not only I lost my loved ones, but I do also have family problems at home. We family didn't really get along and I always fight with my mom everyday!. I got advised from my religion teacher and he said it's because "Love is blind" and knowledge is tiny. Am I the only one realized this? I broke down after I knew. There's just so many reasons why I broke down. One of the reason that is a question, "why does my mom torture me or always being harsh against me? if she loves me?" I grief because "Love is blind" hence I didn't feel any love from my mom or my family. Yes because I don't feel love. That is why it's devastating for me. So I wrote a poem: "Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All"

Love is cold. Love is blind. Love makes us kind.

I know there’s pain behind these love.

I know there’s love behind these fights

To unfold these blind love,

Is to hear 3 little words

To cover up the hole,

Forgiveness is the only way.

There’s no easy way out cause life’s hard

Let the flowers bloom, patience is a virtue.

My wish is to get along before one of us is gone.

Home is heaven.

Love is the greatest gift of all.

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Hi Teeek,

Your poem is lovely and true because it is from the heart. Yes, If we can all learn to forgive but most important of all to forgive ourselves , I learned that from my best and loved. She would laugh when I would get cross and it would show me the way to just be myself which would allow me to see others in the same light.



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Hi Teeek,

Thank you for sharing your hearfelt poem. I am so sorry for the "fighting" and I pray that the Light continues to shine Light onto the darkness.

Courage and Blessings, Carol Ann

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