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My Dearest Brother, Justin

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It has been a year and 4 months since i lost my brother Justin to suicide. I still feel so lost and more then ever i feel alone with my sadness, anger and disbelief. We had been close when we were younger(we were only 10months apart) but as we got older we grew apart. The last thing i remember was fighting with him over the phone, six days before he died, and he made a comment about killing himself and i immediately called my dad and asked him to go check on him but my dad told me that Justin was 21 years old and he could not baby sit him. And well six days later he found him in his room..post-14776-130989410745_thumb.jpg

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Dear One,

I'm so sorry to learn of the tragic loss of your brother Justin 16 months ago, but grateful to know that you've found your way here to us so we can be with you in your pain. As you've undoubtedly learned by now, death by suicide is one of the most difficult losses to endure, and certainly one of the most difficult to understand. In addition to the book that Nicholas has suggested, I'm going to point you to some resources that I hope will help. You can also download the Survivors of Suicide Handbook, which I'm attaching to this post as a pdf file. (These and other resources are listed on the Suicide Loss page of my Grief Healing Web site.) I also hope you will continue to feel and share your thoughts and feelings with us, whatever they may be, and know that we are here for you.

Trying to 'Turn Grief Around' after Brother's Suicide

Guilty, Your Honor: The Burden of Guilt after a Suicide

Friends for Survival of Suicide Loss

Healing for Survivors of Suicide

Healing the Hurt Spirit: Daily Affirmations for People Who've Lost a Loved One to Suicide (Book)

Heartbeat: Grief Support following Suicide

Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide (Book by Christopher Lucas)

Suicide Support from Befrienders International

Resources for Suicide Survivors

When Someone You Love Commits Suicide


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Dear Justtmee,

I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of a sibling can be life altering. I am glad you have found support through this site and would like to offer you some articles that you may relate to. On the website Hello Grief, author s have written many articles dealing specifically with sibling loss, guilt and suicide. I would like to offer you an article titled, "Guilt and the Emotional Collage", which deals specifically with the feeling of guilt after your loved one has passed. Another article titled, "Grief Unrecognized: Death of a Sibling", which talks about how the loss of a sibling is just as devastating as any other loss, and finally an article called, "I'd Rather Live for Two" which is an inspiring story of how one woman turned her loss into a positive thing. I hope you find these articles helpful and can find some comfort.

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