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Somehow I Thought It Would Get Better

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So I am finally with my husband again - and somehow I thought things would get better once I was down here and we were back together. I thought maybe some of the workload would go down and maybe I could just deal with these feelings I am having. I would have someone here to help with the kids - that the kids wouldn't be so upset because their dad wasn't around and their mom is just a shell. Well - I was so wrong.

Here I am, 1400 miles away from my Grandma's home and grave. 1400 miles away from anyone who knew my Grandma. The kids are just as wound up as ever - Nick is gone all the time and when he is home he is in a bad mood. A couple of times he caught me crying and when I told him why he just said, "Don't do that. Crying doesn't bring her back." I miss Grandma so much. I just want to go home - and yet I feel like I have no home to go to. Here isn't home - our house up in Michigan is rented out - Grandma is gone - I just don't know what to do anymore.

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I feel so bad for you! It must be tough. I unfortunately didn't have any kids and most likely won't because I'm getting a bit old to start a family but I would say to try to cherish your kids. My mother and I used to watch my nephews all the time so I do know how tiring it can be but maybe if you can think of some fun things you can do together it could help the both of you.

As far at your husband it's not right that he makes comments like that. You should be able to grieve as much as you want to. He may just not understand. Has he lost a close loved one before? Maybe if you asked to sit down and have a talk with him. First think about everything you want to say to him and then explain how you feel asking him to try to help with the kids as much as he can and to please give you some time to grieve over you mother. Maybe you could even give him a couple articles on the process of grieving if you think he would read them. Basically asking for his support and telling him comments like the one he made really hurts you. Hopefully this may help! I hope this all works out for you!!!

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