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My Aunt Mary

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July 17th, 1961 - 50 years ago today - my Aunt Mary lost her battle with Leukemia at the age of 12. She was a sweet and loving child, always helpful to her mom - always looking after her little brother and sisters - playing with them. According to everyone who knew her - family - neighbors - nurses - she was a joy to know.

Mary Ann wanted to be a missionary - she loved God and she loved her family. She loved everyone she ever met. She fought the leukemia hard - but she had a very rare form of AML - one that even if you are diagnosed today you could expect to live about 30 weeks after diagnosis. Poor Mary Ann never really had a chance to survive it.

She died at 1 in the morning - after slipping into a coma three days earlier - with her had being held by her mom and dad. These last 50 years she was greatly missed. I never had the chance to meet her - she passed away 13 years before I was born. I was told as a child that I looked just like her - personally - I don't agree - but it was nice being compared to such a beautiful person. Grandma cried every year on this day - and many times a year for missing her. This year she spends her day with Grandma - at least by her in ground - hopefully together in Heaven.

I went to sleep very late last night - 3am. I thought of my Aunt Mary when I was trying to sleep - and I was filled with joy and peace. I felt like she was in the room with me - telling me it is all OK - Grandma is with her now. Sounds crazy - but I am going to let myself believe that is the case - instead of always letting the doubts sink in.

Thus - to Mary Ann Abshire - I love you - you are missed. . .


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So sorry to hear that your Aunt died at such a young age! I can't imagine what it must have been like for your Grandma. I don't have any kids but the only thing that I could imagine that would hurt more than losing my mom is to loss one of my kids. I would be blown away if I lost one of my nephews. I just don't know how parents get through a loss of a child.

I'm glad you are keeping the memory of your Aunt alive and I for one don't think you are crazy. It's easy to dismiss things like you are talking about but who is to say that it isn't true. Hold onto what you believe and cherish it!

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