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If you are one of several readers who has chosen to receive updates from my Grief Healing Blog via email each week, please know that I am so grateful for your ongoing loyalty in following me.
I am writing today to alert our members and our readers to a problem I have discovered with the service that delivers email updates from my Grief Healing Blog to your inbox.
Since the service I've been using for several years (Feedburner) is no longer functioning properly, I have chosen to switch to Mail Chimp. This change will take place beginning this week.
Unfortunately, there is no way to import my current mailing list from Feedburner into Mail Chimp. Instead, if you wish to continue being on my mailing list, I must ask you to use the new subscription form that now appears on the right side of my blog's main page, filling it in as if you were a new subscriber.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you will take a moment to add your name to this new mailing list. That way, you will continue to be notified via email when updates are added to the Grief Healing Blog and you won't miss a thing.
Thank you so much!
Marty T
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