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I Just Want To Talk To Her

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I just want to talk to my Grandma. I want to sit down, have a donut and a cup of coffee with her and talk to her. I miss her. I want to hold her beautiful hands again.

I am heading up to her house next week - the kids and I will be staying there for a week. I don't know if it is a good idea or not. I spent most summers at her home as a child. I miss her beyond belief.

My Grandma never talked about her upbringing or childhood. I asked many times - but she never wanted to talk about it. She walked away form her mother, brothers and sisters (including her identical twin) in the mid 40's and never looked back. I started looking for them a few years ago - she asked me to stop. At her birthday last year she asked me if I could try to find her twin. Well - she passed away before I found any of them. Now - I have found them all. They are all gone - but I spoke to a couple of their children. Her upbringing was sad - abused - neglected - starved - poverty stricken. I so wish I could just hug her and talk to her about this stuff.

Miss you Grandma - with all my heart. I will never let you be forgotten by my children or my grandchildren. . . you were the most amazing person I will ever meet.

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I think it's nice you're taking your kids to grandma's, especially since it's somewhere you spent summer as a child. It's nice to continue traditions, and it will help you to keep her memory alive for them as well.

I would give anything to just talk to my mom. I used to get annoyed at her for calling me so much -- how I wish I had appreciated those chats at the time. I would love to just walk in the house and find her sitting there and know that I can sit down and talk about anything at all. So much has happened these past 8 months and I hate that she's missed it all.


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I wish I can just tell my dad how much he meant to me. I feel like I never said it enough but I know that he knew. It would be great just to see him one last time. "Dad thank you for all of your support, your guidance, your love, and for all the great times and memories, I love you very much."

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