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I'm finally learning how to grieve. Just something that works for me. 2 years ago today my dear Mother passed away. The first months were all raw pain, but at month six I got a handle on grief. I started going through my Mom's stuff, first her recipe box, and now her family photos. For five days now I've been scanning photos, many of my Mom. I've been emailing the photos to other family. And I cry as I work on photos. Some are beautiful.

There is some kind of healing going on. I feel it.

Well, I've reposted a smaller version of the photo. Works fine on my web browser. Or do I need to shrink it again?


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Good for you, Ron, and thank you for sharing! (Is there any way you can reduce the size of the photo you've attached? The file is too big to be seen on the screen, and I'd love to get a better look at your beautiful mother)

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