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Time Is Never Really Wasted, It Is Just Spent On Different Needs

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My older and much wiser neighbor back in Montana, repeatedly would tell me " Time is never wasted it is just spent on different needs" he made that comment repeatedly knowing that, perhaps I was to driven or knew that the time would come when I would need to remeber that phrase. Today I got a call from work begging me to come and fill in for a sick nurse...the old me would see $ and run, the new me that always needs $ stated " NO thanks have personal business to care for" today is the first bills to pay, banking to attend to and grocery shopping,,,,could this have waited a few days? yes but tired of cramming " life" into one day feeling tired and exhausted......so then I just layed on the couch feeling miserable about all I have seen and been through......and thinking for a sec I have just wasted a good am......but am reminded from Chucks saying " time is never wasted, just spent on different needs" and do feel a bit better , heck I just spent 3 days in a row caring for others and needed to rest, so exhausting....

I came to life though when I realized the chickens had made a jail break, and was able to round all up, except for the rooster, hope he wil be ok while I attend to business...while doing this I heard not the voice of Mike but the words "Damnt I told you not to get these things" and then I stated out loud "What are you talking about this is what you always wanted, are you trying to pick a fight with me" and it was a loud voice which caught me off guard, fortunately I could laugh, for had surprised my self with such a spontaneous conversation!

I think I am realizing this phrase has so much importance to all area of our lives, and will be a gentle reminder to continue to care for myself.....


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Actually had a rare day at work was able to read the book " The Five People You meet in Heaven" it was a tear jerker at times, one of the people the man met in heaven was his wife, his comment to her almost 40 rs after her death, was did you know I still love you?" her cooment was yes I could feel it..............had to go outside and have some more tears, really a good book that give another viewpoint on this life and perhaps what could happen on the other side......really recommend it, sure it is on Martys book site.....Hoping to meet up with Cheryl this coming week for lunch and will give her my copy! Dave

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