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I Should Be Excited, But I'm Not.

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My husband and I finally bought a house - we closed on the 28th. I thought I would be thrilled to get back into our own space with privacy and our own routine. We've been living with my dad for the past four months after our apartment amd most of our things were destroyed in the hurricane this past summer. Living with him has been great, although a little cramped. He's encouraged us from the beginning to look for a house so we can really start our lives together. Now that that time is here, I find myself freaking out about leaving him here alone.

When I moved out of the house to get married, I didn't think twice about it. I knew my parents would miss me, but I'd only be 20 minutes away, and most importantly, they had each other. Now that my mom is gone, I hate the idea of my dad being in the house by himself, lonely. He's made comments the past few days about how much he's going to miss us and how nice it was having us here.

It sucks because I feel like I should be more excited about buying our first house. I should be eager to move in and unpack. Instead, I keep searching for excuses to stay here longer. I'll only be ten minutes away, but it feels like a huge change.

Just needed to vent to people who would understand.

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similar, but not quite exactly what you went thru. i found it hard to move out of my parents house and in with a boyfriend, though both of my parents were still here at the time, they had just been recently divorced. i felt super bad leaving her there, we are really close. it was a hard move out, needless to say things didn't work out with him and i but my mom & i still talked everyday- for the most part, made it easier, and getting to see her after not for a while was that much better. i hope things get easier with your move, and you're eventually able to get excited about your new house! best of luck to you.

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