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Happy Father's Day Dad


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Just sitting here wishing so much tomorrow was just another normal Father's Day but it's not and I miss my Dad more each day. Just wrote this poem and if you read the first letter of each line it spells out his name wub.gif

((hugs)) to all missing their Dad's always

My Heart is always with you

I miss you every day

Cheering me on in life

Having you by my side

Always there to count on

Each day I miss you more

Living life without you

Oh it hurts me so

So please watch over me

Until we meet again

Loving me always

Leading me through each day

I'd love to sit and chat

Visit if you can

A dream of you for which I pray

Niamh wants so bad to wish you a Happy Father's Day

Miss and love you always Dad,

all my love from your one and only


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