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I agree with Mary who said she felt alone after joining with couples and wanting the Winter months to come again. I see couples passing my window going for walks together as there is a public footpath near to my house and I feel so much hurt seeing them holding hands. I tell myself that one is bound to meet pairs on the bus or walking in town and I try telling myself not to be silly but its no good - it makes you feel very vulnerable and alone even more. Another Widow who I talk to once a week over the telephone cannot wait for the Winter to come as the summer months are worse with all the activities going on and couples telling you what a great time they have had on their holidays or what they plan to do together in their home or otherwise. There is a couple nearby who goes on like this and I now try to keep away as much as I can for their remarks hurt terribly.

I miss the sharing even though my husband was ill most of the time and being alone now is no fun and unless one fights things in this world you are going to be left on your own by most people anyway. I have booked myself a short break on a Coach holiday next month doing the Jane Austen trail in Hampshire, the place of her birth. I need a break but feel a bit fearful as there will be couples on the Coach and I do not want to hear about my husband or my wife all the time doing things together. Anyway its only for 4 days so I'll get through it somehow hopefully. Its the first time for me to go alone on holiday - no other woman is interested to come so there is nothing for it but to do it alone as I am very interested in the trip itself. Wish me luck. It is now 8 months since my husband passed away from Cancer and we always went together on holidays.

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no other woman is interested to come so there is nothing for it but to do it alone as I am very interested in the trip itself.

A friend or family member isn't a possibility? Anyway, I agree, it will have its moments probably, but you might be surprised and get more out of it than you expect. If nothing else it's just good to get out and be active! Wishing the best for it -

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