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This last weekend I was invited to San Diego for a fishing trip. The trip was an overnight journey with on board sleeping on the ship. I couldn't sleep (too quite) , so I sat in a chair on the back of the ship. The sky was clear and loaded with stars. The sounds of the waves crashing against the nearby island's coast. I enjoyed the time to reflect on my life now and before.

San Diego was a favorite place Celene, Ciara and I enjoyed visiting. I decided to stay a couple of days longer. I took in some snorkeling and as I observed the Bat Rays I remembered how Celene enjoyed feeding and petting them at Sea World. Now looking at them in there own free environment, I wished Celene would have had the chance to swim with them with me. I carry some of Celene's ashes in a dolphin pendant around my neck and I wondered if in some way she was living out her dreams along with me. I smiled and felt joy within my heart.


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What a beautiful picture you shared with us! The color is awesome! It sounds like you had a great experience, I'm sure Celine was right there with you as you snorkeled and enjoyed the starry skies.

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