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The House That Was Our Home (Poem)


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The House That Was Our Home

By Kristin Pfliegler in remembrance of Dan my partner, my best friend

As I sit here all alone

In the house that was our home

My thoughts turn to you

Knowing theres nothing I can do

To stop the aching

To stop my heart from breaking

My tears begin to fall

As I sit here staring at the wall

A house so full of life

Now cuts me like a knife

Because you are no longer here

Never again will I hold you near

As I begin to cry

I wonder why, why did you have to die

Its so unfair

We had so much left to share

I walk from room to room

Hoping Ill see you soon

Then reality hits me

For that will never be

So in this house alone I sit

With a candle I have lit

In memory of you

For I know not what else to do

As I lie here in our bed

Thinking of all the things unsaid

As I stare at the place

Where on a pillow Id once see your gentile face

Its no longer there

And thats more then I can bare

What am I to do?

Now that I no longer have you

Sure my family and friends are there

And they truly do care

But they can not see

What this has really done to me

I want to scream and yell

For this house has become my hell

Ive locked myself inside

From the world I now hide

My heart begins to race

Alone in this empty place

Alls I do is cry

For I know not how to say goodbye

How do I go on

Now that youre gone

Everywhere I look

From the kitchen to a book

Its only you I think of

Wondering if you watching me from above?

Do you feel my empty heart

Now that were apart?

Can you see

Just how much you meant to me?

Can you feel the pain

Thats been driving me insane?

Do you really know

How my love for you did grow?

Can you see my tears?

Can you feel my fears?

Oh how I miss your touch

God I miss you so much!

So many things I regret

So many memories I will never forget

For in my heart

You will always have a part

I know youre in a better place

Even though that may be the case

My pain it does not ease

Or stop me from falling to my knees

I know your suffering is no more

But it hurts knowing you will never again walk through that door

A home this house never again will be

For you no longer are here to share it with me.

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Dear Kristen,

Thank you for the beautiful poem. A part of the healing process is to let those emotions flow. You are in the right place right now. This group is such a comfort. Know that we do listen. enna

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Thank you I'm glad you liked. It was just a way to let somethings out. Normally I don't share what I write very often but I thought it might be ok to here. I'm glad I found this fourm everyone has been so supportive and that helps a lot right now. Its nice to know people are there to listen and I'll gladly do the same for anyone else.


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