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I Hate You


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I hate you. I hate everything about you. I wish you would leave and never come back , let this broken heart heal. I despise everything about you. Why can't you let me be and become who I was before. You come in and out of my life as you please. You send messages from others who think they know me and my feelings. They said in time you'll leave me when is that time going to be here. As hard as I try I always seem to give in to you. I give you want you Want. The tears, the depression, the broken heart that will never heal. Please go away and let me be. I'm tired. I've tried to beat you in the past but it never worked. I try and put on a smile during the holidays and be happy for my loved ones but there you sit like a black cloud hanging over my every move.  You come to me in my dreams, awakening me in a panic, you lie to me and say you'll leave only to return, ten times stronger than before. They say there's a pill that will take the edge off however there's nothing that will ever take you out of my life for good. Please release me from your bonds of misery. Let me go. Let me smile again and live life to its fullest while I still have time. Don't let my children Remember me the way I remember my Daddy in pain from lost loved ones. 

Grief I hate you. 

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