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Hi Anne,

Thank you for the lovely message. I have not had a chance to watch each video yet but I did watch a couple and they are lovely as are the quotes. I saw your statement that you are hanging on my a thread. We all know that thread very well. We have no clue if it will break but I do not know any one where that has happened. It is fragile, as are we, but very strong, as are we. Know that you are not alone with your feelings. We all know this pain and feeling of fragility. We shall all make it but I am aware there are times, many of them, when making that seems impossible at best.

Peace to your heart,


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Mary and Kay and Jan, and too whoever is reading these posts at this time. You are loved. Listen to music because it DOES open your hearts. It matters not what the song is - music does fill your hearts with calm, peace , and love. I hope you are receiving mine to you. Peace, Anne

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