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Hello everyone. I am new here and I want to share my story with people in a similar situation.I am 18 years old and I have lost my twin sister from CML two months ago.We both had cancer but she didn't make it.She was the strongest person I know.Now that she's gone I miss her so much.I have 4 more sisters but not having my twin by my side is unbearable.I have lost half of myself, my life will never be the same ever again without Nefeli.I still don't see any reason I should fight against cancer since my twin is not here.Since the day we were born we did everything together.We had never gone apart for more than one day and now. I miss her so much. I still wish I will be with her very soon.

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My dear Evelina, I'm so very sorry to learn of the death of your precious twin, your beloved sister. Please know that my heart reaches out to you in your pain. I've just finished responding to another new member whose twin sister is gravely ill; I invite you to read the post I just left for her, as I think some of its content might be helpful to you as well. You don't say what, if any, support you have around you, and I can only hope that your cancer treatment center has hooked you up with whatever resources are available in your community. Meanwhile, I hope you will feel our collective arms around you as we all embrace you with our love and our prayers.

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