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Wonder If I Could Do More To Honor People I've Lossed?

Guest fraleyr

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Guest fraleyr

Hello Everybody

New Year and I Thought this would be the best time for me to come back here and talk about my losses and also Talk to others about there's I use To be Robert27 here before,

does anybody ever asked themselves if There is More They could do To Honor People They have lossed, I Think about My grandmother and MY best friend And MY grandmother died in 2010 and my best friend in 2004, and I Think could I do more

To Remeber Them sometimes we get so into whats going on around us I know I do that maybe we dont think about them as

much as I feel I should and then theres other times they wont leave our thoughts per Day,,

Hope To hear some thought's on this

I also hope Everybody on here has a great 2013

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Hi Fraley Robert,

I always think on those terms regarding my best friend, who was unquestionable in her support for me, no matter how I would lash out in my own way, she would let me come out of my misery in my own time and I now feel so much better about myself because she let me take myself kindly and not too seriously. I know I have always wanted to do things for her, maybe write her story for the newspaper, one of them has a special section for one story every day. But she was never the one to do anything for being noticed. Part of her independance. But I will definitely follow on her lead all the way till I meet her again.



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Guest fraleyr

Thanks for shareing your advice and story it always helps to have others comment on issues when dealing with losses,

Hope you have a great 2013 friend

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