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A Loss Of My Cousin Carrie Fraley


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In Memory of Carrie Nicole Fraley

1/25/1984- 8/24/2014

A few days ago I lost My Cousin She was a Kind Person and She had a hard Life, dealing with diabetes and haveing to do dialysis treatment that had to be really hard to go threw She was at a Dr visit doing a dialysis treatment last week and had some kind of medical emergency medical problem and then went into caradiac arrest and They was able to get her Heart going again but She never came out of The Comma

I wished I had spent more time with Her Then I did but She knew I didn't drive myself or anything and that stoped me a lot of the time from seeing Her as much as I should have,

I respect The Courage She had and The Way She Choosed To live Her life She wasen't going to let the illness She had decide every little part of Her Life and She Enjoyed The Time She did have to the fullest

She Spent many times in the hospital haveing put up with Strokes and being in Commas and comming out of them but this time it was not to be as She left our Family.

She had far more Courage Then I feel I could ever have and if it was anything I could have had Her Know is it would have been that I had so much respect for Her in dealing with the illness She had and that I cared so much and hated seeing her feel so bad so often.

Love You Always Your Cousin Robert Fraley


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I'm so sorry for your loss, Robert. Please know that we are thinking of you and sending our heartfelt sympathy. Your cousin Carrie sounds like a lovely girl, and I hope you will take comfort in knowing that she is now resting in eternal peace. I have a feeling that she knew very well how much you love her, and I'll bet she knows it still. Carry her in your heart, and she will be with you always.

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