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Okay, so maybe I'll be sounding like a whiner, but I'm distressed nonetheless, like it or not. I got the personalized, engraved, glass ornaments I'd ordered for my Mom, brother and fur-boy, and they're quite beautiful...except for one flaw ~ the one for my Mom ( who's the one I'm missing the most this second Christmas )has engraving/etching that's wholly off-centre from the heart-shaped ornament. It's obviously off-kilter. Now I have to look into seeing if they can send another one, and make sure it's centered, like the other two are. Sure, it's minor, but it just seems like yet another roadblock in this long, lonely passage of mourning her. Oh why couldn't they have just gotten them all spot-on? :( It seems to mock me as a reminder of our less-than-perfect relationship and her nowhere-near-perfect passing, with all its horrid after-events. Gad.....why does it always have to be this way for me? Yes, I'm on the pity-pot, but in this moment, I don't really care, and just had to vent.

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