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A Thought For The New Year


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Dear Ones,

Some food for thought as together we begin the New Year:

Welcoming Joyful Moments

I will always remember the gift of a client who said what helped her through a difficult year was waking each morning and saying aloud, Today I welcome a moment of joy. She made a point of watching for it each day and writing it on the calendar. The moment of joy might have been a call from a friend, a hug, a brief burst of sunshine, the smell of the bakery on the way to work, overhearing a piece of music, a sunset.

The very act of watching for them opened her to be receptive and she found she took in all kinds of joyful and encouraging moments that otherwise she would have missed. Later, looking back over the calendar of that year, she was amazed at what a difference those moments had made.

If joy is too exuberant a word in the midst of grief it may be possible to simply say, Today I welcome a moment of comfort, or Today I welcome a moment of peace. And being the practical sort, I suggest that if it hasn’t found you by four o’clock in the afternoon, pick up the phone and help it along.

Source: Stepping through the Awkwardness, by Marilyn Gryte, © 2001, Revised 2005, Centering Corporation, www.centering.com

Wishing you many moments of comfort, peace and healing in the New Year,

Marty T

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Guest jusjenny

Just wanted to respond to a thought about 'joy'.

I have determined that happiness is nothing you can 'find' no matter how you chase after it.

I firmly believe that happiness comes through taking time to revel in the joys that come our way.

Those very joys are helping me deal with the grief of suddenly losing my father.

I am blessed to have found this site. Thanks for your caring :)

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