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My Wife, My Gift

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I know how very much my wife loved me. I will never ever forget what her eyes said to me the minutes before her passing. And the days and weeks before, when ALS stole her voice and her breathing. I didn't need a voice to hear what was in her heart. I just looked into her eyes. I saw her heart and her soul. I heard every single word. I'm not saying I don't miss her voice. I have missed her sweet tender loving soft spoken voice for weeks. Not just in these 3 1/2 days since she went to Heaven. I have a feeling one day far far from today, I indeed will miss her voice. Eventually it may fade from my ears but never my memory. If that makes any sense. My darling girl, college sweetheart, the mother of our only child, our amazing son, who in turn gave us two amazing grandsons... What more could a man ask for? I know God didn't give her this cruel disease. God only gave her the will to battle it. God gave us sweet memories even though the disease continuously stole her body and imprisoned her mind and heart. Her mind and heart never was effected. It was there until the very end. I could never ever have asked for a more loving devoted courageous lady to be my wife, my heart, my soul, my other half, my world, my love. She was it. She will always be it. No, I can't hold her physically anymore. And that breaks my heart. ?. I can't even think about that much. But I have our boy. And I have his two boys... Our grandsons. What more can a man ask for. I received the most precious gift when I was given my wife. And I knew it the very day we met. Our son is just like his mommy. They were best friends. I see my wife in our grandsons.

I don't know what the future holds now. It's only been 3 1/2 days since my princess became a Heavenly Angel. But she was indeed my earthly angel. I will forever carry our earthly journey in my heart. I will forever carry our love inside my heart. Therefore, I will forever carry her in my heart. What better place right? And no sweeter gift.

I'm sure tears will come that will feel like they won't ever stop. But right this moment, the only tears I have are grateful ones because I had the honor in life of having an amazing wife. And our bond was ever so sweet, tender, yet stronger than death itself. She will forever shine brighter than anything in my world ever could...




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What a tribute to your wife! The short time I knew her, I can see all that you say about her. She was very loving and caring and lived for others.

Try not to think in terms of the future, but stay in the present. The future is too much to comprehend right now, just getting through the moment is enough.

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