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Cant Get Over Moms Death.

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Mom passed on May 5,2015 and the guilt I have over her passing is still with me and more powerfull than ever.Mom had got a UTI the first she ever got in 88 years and the doctor issued her Bactrum which made her a little dizzy and she had a fall in her bedroom.My sister and I took her to the hospital to get checked out which they did and found she had a small back fracture which they had a brace made for her and then advised us to have her go to a rehab for 2 weeks.My guilt is that the hospital and rehab stays were not beneficial to her at all and she came home for 3 months but was never the same.Mom got another bladder infection and the doctor issued her Cipro which was to strong for her and affected her kidneys.When she started to get diaria I had to take her to the hospital and the nurse said shes dry and in kidney failure which knocked me for a loop.They tried to do some dialysis to kick start the kidneys but it did not work and she passed on May 5,2015. My guilt is that I never should have taken her to the hospital the first time and should have wrapped her back and kept her home, if I had did that she would be here right now.I cant live with this guilt and grief.

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You have my sincere sympathy for your loss. As you may have read from other threads the guilt comes whether it's warranted or not but from what you've said it's certainly not your fault. That may not stop you from thinking it is but it is so important you talk it through with somebody. Marty has posted links elsewhere that will take you really good articles on guilt in grief. You followed the advice of professionals and did what you did out of love for your mum.

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