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:) ((((((kayc)))))))

Seven months ago today your life changed drastically and will never be the same again. That's a fact that unfortunately cannot be changed. :(

Who knows what 7 months from now will bring - we can't know that either. All we can do is take one day at a time and do our best to keep the good memories of our loved one alive.

From reading your helpful posts that support others, like myself, and help us get through another day in this lonely life I sense that your dear husband is a great guy whose memory you honor and who is close to you every day. :)

I know that it is difficult to find a purpose to continue on this journey of grief, but please know that your posts here do help others.

Your husband will always be right there for you to help you survive until it's time to be with him again.

Never Forget

I hope that you day goes well - be good to yourself - you deserve it!

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Oh Walt, thank you. My internet provider's program was somehow damaged and I had to get it fixed, so haven't been able to use it lately, but coming back on here today is like salve to my soul. I really miss everyone when I am not able to connect with them. I think of and pray for each of you every day. I think all of our loved ones are with us, they just aren't able to communicate with us in the conventional ways...but who knows, maybe a beautiful sunset or a shining star is them passing on a message of comfort and peace to us...

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