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Loss of funding in grief suppprt


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From my experience with loss which started in February of 2011, I received so much help which led me here. My wife died in hospice care which at that time was covered 100% by my health insurance when no other medical bills were. I received grief support from the start and it saved my life. When I lost my dad six months later, through hospice support, I received help once again. Losing my stepmom eight months ago while in hospice care, yep, you guessed it, I got help again. In the early years, health care covered so much. By the time my step mom passed, hospice was no longer covered by medicare or even supplemental. This very grief support site was once funded by Hospice of the Valley here in Phoenix but because of budget cuts, it no longer is and as many of us know, has not been for quite some time. I still give what I can to the Phoenix Hospice organization, and this site as well because we need it more than ever. To lose support from such a critical service would be catastrophic to say the least. Death will always be with us. To have experienced the loss as I and all of you have, we appreciate more than words can express how dear this service is.  

We are so affected by the economic conditions in our world right now that we are being forced to take care of ourselves more than ever. That means supporting groups such as this one has become our responsibility. I also know how hard it has been for so many widowed souls who haven't even a clue on how they will survive financially. That means those of us who can help, must. 


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