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    Kathy taught me how to love and will remain in my heart for all time. Only because of what she taught me can I love once again.
    I am Patty's biggest fan. She teaches me courage.

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  1. And now the tenth. This year seems a bit different. Perhaps because of Covid which Patty and I contracted yet came out clean on the other side. This year seems harder than last for why I do not know. It just does. The memories of this day are as clear as if it just happened, every little detail. To all my friends here I hope for the safest travel through it and the strength to get past the bad anniversaries.
  2. Today would would be my 23rd anniversary married to Kathy although only fourteen we spent physically together. It also is the 7th anniversary of my dad's death. Always a strange day as I remember how the day my dad passed in a Hospice home I went out to dinner anyway by myself to be with Kathy for it just didn't make sense to let it fall under more grief when it should be a happy time or in the case of being widowed, at least a reflective one. It was a good dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and now I think how strange that I would be involved in a restaurant myself. Ever since I met
  3. Laurie this is such a critical time for you. Shock kind of seems an understatement. Kay has a very good suggestion about the grief counselor and I hope you can begin researching this. It saved my life and a lot of others on this site. And Kay you certainly have it right. So many years later and still they remain in us, around us and through us. I should add that even though I have found love again my love for Kathy remains quite real. It is a gift like no other.... even with the sorrow. We are glad you found this place Laurie and if you find yourself as I did , unable to sleep
  4. From the beginning of my Grief's Journey I have always been affected by the loss others were going through. I know we all have had such feelings when we know all to well what must be going on inside that other persons heart. I stated once before that it is like being in a lifeboat with others who are grieving watching our ship sink in front of us. Once again this is hitting me as I now know people who have died from this virus and another who is quite sick and I think of their families and loved ones who couldn't even be with them when they died. I think this is a new kind of grief that happen
  5. I just wanted to share some feelings I have had lately. I am not sure if it is just this crazy time we are living in or if I simply feel a connection with Kathy as perhaps she stays close enough to let me know she is there. If I were younger I might feel quite stressed about my future but living with Patty for three years now has changed me a lot. Yes our third anniversary is just a week away and while it seems like only yesterday so much has happened that I wonder if Kathy even recognizes me. I don't get back here often enough so some of you may feel like I have moved on and found happiness
  6. I would like to participate as well Marty and will contact him.
  7. It truly hit home today. Last month was the ninth anniversary of when Kathy left. Seems like a long time but yet it also seems like yesterday and today would have been her 60th birthday. I always went out to dinner to celebrate this wonderful day but now I cannot. As we all know restaurants are closed so that won't be happening. Patty and I will just have to light some candles, put on Kathy's music and have a toast to my sweet darling girl. I know "It is what it is." but I feel so funky. My own business has pretty much ground to a halt since I can't even get shipments of materials to make fra
  8. Gwen Patty is doing well having moved her here from Maui. You have to really love someone to leave Hawaii for Arizona. The restaurant Maui Pasta is alive and in Scottsdale for two years now and we are getting busier all of the time. Kathy of course is my bride who passed in 2011 and Patty's husband Ron is as Kathy, still in our hearts and will be for all of time. Good to see you all again and I promise to stop in m ore often. By the way, Patty and I have been exploring the science of the spirit world (and I am serious when I call it science for we mortals are learning more all the
  9. Jenn once again I want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I sent you a message with the contact info but here it is again. The name of the medium I have seen several times and Patty has as well. Her name is Melinda Vail and her phone number is (480) 755-0222. Her address is 7560 Willow Dr. in Tempe. It can take a couple of months to get an appointment but you can be on a waiting list as I did which gets you in earlier when there is a cancelation. Good luck and for what it's worth, she is for real.
  10. Thank you dear ladies. I regret I have not had the time to come here very often as my work and that of Maui Pasta has been quite demanding yet I will spend more time here in the future. Until then I hope all our members continue supporting this grief sanctuary in any way possible for it has saved my life and well may save yours. Marty your tiresome devotion to all of us is beyond,,,, way beyond inspirational. And we thank you.
  11. Simply put....No. Today marks the ninth year after Kathy left and I have discovered that I really hate this day. No matter how much time has passed you always remember. All of those horrible days at the end, they just come back. Even though I am married again and to the most lovely soul I could ever have come to meet, I will always love Kathy and Patty will always love Ron. His demark day comes in just five more days so we share this week and hold on to each other. She asked me yesterday if I was OK. It is truly a blessing to have her in my life because we share that feeling and care abo
  12. Thank you my friends. It gives us comfort knowing people care. This event has changed our lives for I never had to deal with robbery before and I have been on this planet for some time now. Now we have alarms and several security cameras installed with technology only Patty can understand.😊 I often hear how people feel violated when this happens and for some reason it just doesn't affect me that way. Stuff is just stuff as Kathy would always say and those personal items? Well I still have a lot more. The gold whale flukes of Kathy's that I wear around my neck had the chain break not long ago
  13. Things don't always go great though because while we are doing better we went out to dinner to celebrate Kathy's birthday two weeks ago and the next morning we woke at 4 to go to work finding our garage door opened. We don't forget to close it at night but we thought that must have been the case. As it turned out someone must have been driving through neighborhoods testing an opener to see if one could work and so later that day when we were working someone entered through the garage door and robbed us. Sadly they took all the jewelry which included Kathy's watches and cosmetic jewelry and Pa
  14. While we haven't had much time to post I just wanted to update how Maui Pasta may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Last week Patty was featured on a morning show at a local TV station cooking for a spot advertising the Italian Festival in Scottsdale this past weekend. It happened to coincide with the third anniversary of Ron's death which was not an easy time for Patty but we were so busy cooking and transporting food that she had little time to reflect. I only know for certain that he was smiling with love seeing her succeed keeping the dream alive. It's a dream so beautiful it fil
  15. Happy Birthday Ron! Your dream, Maui Pasta, lives on but of course you know that. You would be 59 today, far to young to have left but may your soul be filled with joy knowing your bride is keeping that dream alive....and that she is safe. Sometimes the tears still fall but today we celebrate your life. You are indeed one of the few good men to have walked this earth..
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