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My dear little boy you came with out warning

My heart it would burst  with each new morning

For I never knew such love until I looked in to your eyes

Now it is on bended knee as I look up into the sky

You were a good son, a good father , a good man

After all I think you knew I was always your biggest fan

I would walk on hands and knees a million miles

Just to see your face, your eyes your smile

Your world was falling a part

I know you died with a broken heart

I know you are at peace with no more pain

I shall forever be in pain until I see you again

you were wise far beyond your years

I hope God has washed away all your fears

You lived your life the way you choose too

There was nothing I could do

You made your mistakes and it was you who went to the can

You did it with honor, and respect and for this you were a better man

You had a heart that was meant to shine

You dear sweet son of mine....

293246_10150325201633257_1922871162_n (1).jpg

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Beautiful.  I think we parents ARE our children's biggest fans and supporters.  I am sorry for your loss.

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