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Some Thoughts At Six Months

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I was thinking about how it will be when I finally meet up with my beloved and wrote the following poem. I hope it may bring some peace.


We should have grown old together

That’s how it should have been

Growing wrinkled and gray side by side

In love and holding hands

But you were taken from me

Just left me all alone

I guess I’ll have to go on, and grow old on my own.

But how will you see me

When we finally meet again?

Will you see me old and gray

Or will you see me young again?

Will you see the me you first met

Or the me you left behind?

It won’t matter what you see

As long as you’re still mine.

For death is just a moment

When you had to step away

In my heart, I do believe

We’ll meet again someday.

And when that someday gets here

No matter when that day may be

I can’t stop myself from picturing

How happy we will be.

Together again, and holding hands

How happy we will be.

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They'll see our hearts, the same as we see them, the body doesn't matter, old or young, it is us, the person inside.  Yes, how happy we'll be!

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