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Butch, even though you don't have words to say, I'm glad you're here.  I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, I've been sick for a month and my correspondence is backed up.

I needn't ask you how TG went, I think I already know, you're missing Mary.  

I hope you're doing better physically and I'm so glad you have your kids & grands with you.  It was too cold for me to travel, besides not feeling up to it, so I spent TG alone this year.  Hoping you'll come back here whenever you feel like it, thinking of you!

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I meet you here for the first time,so let me tell you how much I´m sorry for the loss of your beloved wife!I lost my beloved man Jan suddenly from morning till night.Now it´s been his 4th anniversary.We had met before Christmas and before Christmas my beloved Jan died.It were the doctors who killed him,so he could be alive now.There are no words to say how much it still hurts me and always will!He is my best,my most beautiful,my only one for eternity.Every second of my life,every breath in my lungs,every tear in my eyes,every heartbeat belongs to him...only him...forever.He is my everything.I love him...even more each day...above all!

I´d like to be your support and comfort too.I´m here and listening to,if you want to talk to...



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