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Mum Passed 1/1/16 and it's strange

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Hi everyone - This is the first time I've ever written here but I just wanted to share what happened and hear from you for support. My mum passed on 1/1/16 very unexpectedly. My father was trying to revive her with cpr. I'm going through such different emotions. One moment I'm totally ok, the other I just want to jump off the balcony, then I just want to sit in bed. It's been hard for me because my father is also unwell as is my father in law. My wife has some challenges too. I feel very overwhelmed some times in dealing with all this. Is it normal to be so confused? Is it normal to have such emotional states varying by such degrees? Thanks everyone.

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Hi Chris, I'm sorry you lost your mom, that is a hard thing to go through at best, but when it's unexpected it can be really tough.  It is very normal to feel overwhelmed, and yes, confused too.  All feelings are normal in grief and sometimes even conflicting feelings at the same time.  You'll get through this.  Deep breath!

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