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Worn Weathered Woman


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Worn Weathered Woman

A worn weathered woman ponders the past with fleeing memories of laughter

Time has taken a toll; too many tears, flowing like a raging river into the heart

Fragile, the feeling of being fragile, shoulders are carrying a load too heavy

A load of memories that bring back pain upon remembrance of broken dreams, lost love, the heart breaking separation of loved ones by death

Like a history book, life entrenches it's history into the heart and mind

There are no war hero's here, only sloppy growth and an occasional gleeful moment

A worn and weathered woman wonders what she has accomplished if any thing

Perhaps it is the courage to live

Day by day

To face old age

A worn and weathered woman see things for what they are

Daydreams are few and far between now days

Memories are more that enough, maybe too much even

Worn and weathered, seasoned by life

Broke but not broken beyond repair

Wise with wisdom, a sage with life written deep in her heart

Worn and weathered by life

This woman

Yet she loves

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Hi Virgoangel,

What a wonderful peom that you shared with us, I really enjoy when people share their peoms. There are many different ones posted. Some that are really tear jerking, some that give you goosebumps and some just give you that warm feeling inside. Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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