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  1. Carol Ann, I have not been here in awhile, and I am so touched by your courage and going forth with this court case. Will be sending positive thoughts your way tomorrow. I was involved in a legal situation where I sued some individuals for wrongdoing, so I really know how difficult, time consuming, and how overwhelming all this can be, and how it can bring up fear as well. I certainly admire you for being true to yourself and making your best attempt to right a wrong, not only for yourself, but for others who have been affected by this most unprofessional therapist.
  2. Carol Ann, What a beautiful, touching story. He said his life was complete and he went to the other side. What a wonderful friend you were to him! I hope he and Melissa are dancing in heaven right now!
  3. Melina, My mother passed on in October. A few weeks ago I received a letter from the pastor of the assisted living facility about a memorial service that was going to be held to honor those who lived at the AL and had passed on in the last five months or so. This letter aroused so many emotions in me. At first I felt grateful for this service being held, but then I felt burdened because the service was being held almost 3000 miles away from where I live and at a time that was totally inconvenient for me. The plane trip from Southern CA to Central PA is a bear too and takes up the whole da
  4. Shelly, I, of course, do not know your family, but my concerns, from what I do know, is that the family members are going to continue to find reasons to drag this on and on, have some kind of emergency in August, or be on vacation, or have some kind of back-to-school concern. The end of August is a super busy time for a lot of people. I would go back and read Marty's advice. And, others' advice too. This is hurting you, and I really cannot imagine that your mother would want to make you almost hostage to her ashes. I personally could not stand living with ashes, but that's me. I
  5. Today I received a letter from the pastor who serves the assisted living facility where my mother lived for several years before she spent 10 months in two separate nursing home facilities. I was so touched by this letter. The letter talked about loss and how the loss is shared by those who knew and cared for my mother (and other loved ones). They are holding a memorial service to assist in processing the loss of my mother and those who left and had lived at the assisted living facility in the past few months. He calls it a service of remembrance.
  6. Marty, Thank you for your post. Your comments really rang true for me.
  7. Welcome! I lost my MOm september 2010. Still have trouble coping. If you would like to talk I'm here for you. Letting go is the hardest! Write me and we can share.

  8. Mark, I love reading Bicky's story. So interesting and well-written. So sorry for your loss. You will meet again in another place.
  9. loulou, What an interesting idea of buying cards. I ended up looking at cards this month for Valentine's, and when the email arrived from the flower place where I usually order flowers, I ended up picking out the flower arrangement that I think she would have liked. Mother, many years before she passed on, just stopped sending cards, making phone calls, writing letters, and sending gifts. I guess it was a dementia thing or just too much effort. Not sure how much she liked cards or gifts, but she always liked flowers! I think I am going to buy flowers on Sunday in honor of mother, and
  10. An anniversary is certainly difficult. My mother' birthday is coming up on Sunday. I already feel kind of sad about that. Probably the first time in my life I will not be giving or sending her a card and/or present.
  11. Marty, Thank you for posting this! This really is reality. Although I read this the day after Valentine's Day, it still rings true each and every day.
  12. I am sorry for all of you going through feelings of guilt. Yes, I think it is a normal part of the grieving process. Sometimes I go back and forth wondering why my mother's Coumadin level was so high and whether something else should have been done to bring it done. What was going on that it could not be brought down quickly? I know she was in the best of places, and had a great doctor. I sometimes wonder what else or who else could have made this better. And, yes, it would have been better if I were there the time she left this planet. But, that's not what happened. Even her f
  13. Niamh, I think I really understand how you feel about missing your dad's encouragement. Mother was always the one who encouraged me. Fortunately, I think all her positive words of encouragement have become part of me and live inside of me. Mother = you can do it! but I sure would like to hear those words spoken again in her beautiful voice. But, for now, I am just trying to be my own best encouragement.
  14. Happy Birthday, Marty! And Happy Birthday to STARKISS! Looks like two other members have birthdays today too. Happy Birthday to all birthday members.
  15. Carol Ann, This is really positive news!! I think I understand what you mean about your bike having a soul. I feel that way about some musical instruments, one in particular. New car shopping is fun and exciting too!
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