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  1. Oh...What a beautiful tribute to Chinook. I believe with all my heart that we will be reunited with our fur babies when we pass on. How arrogant is for those that interpret the bible so strictly and profess that they somehow now that the creator only valued humans as worthy of entering heaven. Why not animals? They are "innocence" in its purest form, and they are capable of all the range of emotions we are. Bicky (my dog) was perhaps the most civilized and loving being I have ever known...
  2. Thanks Maylissa and Kay C! I started searching the web after I had my dream last week and up popped this info from this very credible source (PHD and all). . And thanks Marty for citing the source for me! Mark (and Bicky)
  3. Here is something that may be of interest: 8 characteristics of true visitation dreams True “visitation dreams” are actually very easy to identify because they are very different than “everyday dreams.” Characteristics of most (but not all) visitation dreams include the following: Characteristic #1: The most important characteristic of a true visitation dream is that it feels “real.” It will also be very vivid. Characteristic #2: If you have to ask whether the visitation dream was really a visitation dream, then it probably was NOT a visitation dream. They are so real and vivid that you won’t have to ask this question. When you do have a visitation dream, you may wonder if it was truly real; but in your heart or gut, you will “know” it was real. Characteristic #3: Because they are so real and so vivid, you will remember visitation dreams very clearly for days, months, years . . . probably for your entire lifetime! Characteristic #4: The person (or animal) will almost always appear in the dream to be completely healthy and behaving in a loving manner. They will rarely appear sick or injured. They will never be angry, disappointed, depressed, or punishing. They will be “whole, complete, and perfect” because they are now reconnected with God/Source energy. Characteristic #5: Whether or not they speak to you verbally in the dream, they will communicate very clearly. (NOTE: As you’ll see in the next two examples, in neither of the dreams did actual verbal communication occur; the messages were conveyed telepathically and were completely clear.) Characteristic #6: When they do communicate (either verbally or non-verbally), it isn’t because they want to engage in idle “chit-chat.” It isn’t easy for deceased loves ones to enter a dream. They come with a purpose, and they will convey the message and then be gone. Characteristic #7: Most often, their messages fall into the category of “reassurance.” They come to let you know that they are fine and that they want you to be happy. Occasionally, they will come with a warning; however, when giving a warning, they will give you loving support and you will feel reassured by their presence. Characteristic #8: After a visitation dream, when you wake up, you will often be filled with a sense of peace and love. [source: 8 Characteristics of Visitation Dreams, by Anne Reith, PhD]
  4. Dear Maylissa Thank you so very much for the reply. Yes, I am so happy I got to hold my little Bicky once again...And I am so happy for you that you got to hold Sabin-boy and experience your Nissa-girl's kisses once again. And thank you for sharing your experience...I truly never expected this kind of experience. Every night when I go to bed I wonder whether it will be the night I see my Bicky again. Life is full of wonders indeed.
  5. Thank you so much Marty, Cakes, and KayC The more I think about it, the more I believe it is a visitation. It was so real, so different than any other f dreamI have had before. Life is full of wonderful moments, gifts, and lessons....Instead of questioning, I intend to accept and embrace. Again, thank you so much for the support...It means so much. Yours, Mark (and Bicky)
  6. Hi All Last night I had the most extraordinary and wonderful dream. It was fleeting but so real.... It was a simple scene, taking place in a nondescript day. I opened my car door and on the passenger seat was my little Bicky curled up in a ball. He looked at at me with with happiness and relief, his little tail wagging. He appeared as he did a year or so before he passed; a little older but healthy. I remember I stood looking at him and thinking to myself "this is impossible, Bicky is dead". But then I thought "I don't care how unreal this is, I'll take it". I then reached over to him and hugged him tightly. His snout nuzzling my neck. His warm breath massaging my neck, just as we would do countless times in his all-too-short life together. I felt so connected with him, so complete and content. Then I woke up. But instead of that disappointed feeling one would think I would have after having my Bicky and then losing him again, I felt warm and thankful. At first I concluded that it was just a dream, but later on in the day, it occurred to me that perhaps it was Bicky's way of making contact with me. The universe is full of wonders and I believe anything and everything's possible. This has given my such great comfort. Anyway, I thought I would share it with all of you.
  7. Maylissa, Cakes01, and Marty Thanks you so much for your support. Discussing an issue like this friends that truly understand and care is a tremendous comfort. I definitely will look over this links and various threads dealing with psychics. I will take my time and find one that comes recommended. And Kay C I definitely will let you all know how it goes. Thanks again everyone for your support!
  8. Maylissa Thank you so much for understanding. The truth is, these last few months, I've hit a bit of a wall. I miss him (Bicky) so much...Of course, time eases the pain in ways, but there is hole in my heart that is still stubbornly open.... the truth is, I would give just about anything to make contact with him, even it were just for a fleeting moment, to say how much I love and miss him and to wait for me. I must admit I have been toying with the idea of getting in touch with Bicky through a dog psychic...I am skeptical of such things but I am so desperate to ease this suffering I hold, I would do anything. I do realize overcoming true grief is a journey that does not necessarily end. I hope I haven't hijacked this thread;) Thanks so much.... Mark (and Bicky)
  9. When my my fur baby (Bicky) passed away, I cried like a baby for weeks. Up to that point in my adult life (I was 41 years old), I had very rarely shed a tear. But there I was, blubbering like a baby...Wailing like out of scene of "Zorba the Greek". I had never experienced raw grief like that before, and I was completely overwhelmed and consumed. If it weren't for this website, I don't know what I would have done... Anyway...Yes, real men cry....I am proof of that... Mark (and Bicky)
  10. I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish you and your wife love and strength as you navigate your grief. Mark (and Bicky)
  11. So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful dog, and what a beautiful tribute. Mark ( and Bicky)
  12. Well said KayC! And Rebbeyred99 I have already written a few more chapters, but I am just letting them settle for a while before I post them.. I don't think I'll ever stop writing about the Bixter.
  13. Rebbyreb99 Thank you so much for your post. I, like yourself, usually come on this website late ate at night (early in the morning). This is when my mind and heart start to think of Bicky and the loneliness starts to creep in. This website is such a nice refuge to retreat to when I am in need of understanding and comfort. I don't know how I would have been able to navigate my grief without the comfort of others who understand my pain and loneliness. . I believe that our fur babies go to heaven and we will eventually be joined with them. I also, like yourself, sometimes have had dreams of Bicky. I like to believe that this is Bicky's way of making contact with me (holding me over) until I eventually "earn my wings"and we are together again. I wish you love and strength as you embark on the year 2013. Yours, Mark (and Bicky)
  14. Thank you so much Kavish and Kayc for your continued support It's so comforting to know there are people that understand my grief such as you two. I believe dogs (and animals in general) are worthy of as much (or more) love, respect, and trust than humans. I pity those who have never experienced the beauty of a relationship with these Earthly angels. Love transcends species. Such a difference is a technicality (I believe) in God's eyes. I know that some out there would consider this blasphemy, but I just know it to be true in my heart of hearts. Thank you so much again, Mark (and Bicky)
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