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  1. I too miss the ordinary routines. I got up this morning to get ready for Sunday School, which was an ordinary routine for us. I just could not do it. We were in a couples class and it is so hard to walk back in that class without Bob. The members have all been kind to me and were very supportive through Bob's sickness and death, but they no longer speak of it. The class just talks about Christmas socials, class breakfasts, etc.. my heart wants no part of that. I am not interested in being festive and participating in those things. I just want things back like they were. I am lonesome and miss my husband!!
  2. You are so right Kay! Most people in my life don''t understand and seem to not care! I get so tired of all the canned things people say. They do not give me any comfort or make me feel better. Only somebody that has lived it can understand. Janet
  3. This is absolutely true! We always went out to eat on Friday nights and just like you we always discussed what we would order. It is so lonely without my love!
  4. Jason, I, too, am new to this site. Just feeling so sad and as you say searching for some kind of safety raft, found me here. I pray that we both can get some kind of help by reading of other's experiences. Janet
  5. I am so sorry for your losses. There are just no words. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Janet
  6. Thanks to all of you for responding. It was hard to make the first post. I have been "lurking" around for the last few days reading and finding comfort in realizing I am not the only one feeling as I do. Bob and I were married 40 years and I really have wished all day today I could have one of his hugs. I really, really miss him so much. It is a big lonesome house without him here. Janet
  7. I decided to introduce myself this morning. I just joined the group a couple of days ago. My husband, Bob, passed away May 4, 2016 from pancreatic cancer. He lived 15 months with the disease. I am hurting so bad and feel so lonely, devastated, sad and hopeless. These are just a few of the emotions I am having. I am glad I found this group and know it will help to read others comments as well as be able to express some of mine. Janet
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