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  1. Thank you, kayc. Cancer just sucks and there aren't many things I hate worse. I hope that you and your beloved friend have many, many happy times ahead. Continuing to send thoughts of peace your way.
  2. Hello Guilt_beyond_imagination. I'm so incredibly sorry for the loss of your beloved Parker and for the tremendous guilt you're feeling. Back in April I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 11 and a half years, my Fancy, due to- long story short- our vet's negligence. I've felt a decent amount of guilt myself and so I understand all too well where you're coming from. At the end of the day, though, the whole reason we take our pets to the vet is to get them treated. You can't be faulted for wanting to ensure your beloved pup's good health nor are you in any way responsible for the tragic outcome- the fault is the vet's and his alone. You didn't know how things would turn out and I guarantee you nobody takes their pet to the vet for a dental cleaning expecting those results... nor should they, but vets can be total morons and so here we are; you, kayc and myself, all telling what is essentially the same tragic story. As difficult as this period in your life is, please be easy on yourself. What happened wasn't your fault and your Parker wouldn't want you to be so full of anguish. One thing I want to tell you is that for a month after my Fancy passed away, the despair was eating me alive and thoughts of guilt and confusion kept rolling around my mind. I couldn't put the tragic outcome behind me. After several vet visits over a period of months, he didn't once think her symptoms could be indicative of cancer? He never even thought maybe he should do some testing, if for no other reason than just to say he made an effort? But it ended up that my baby girl had cancer on her voicebox, could barely breathe and so I had to make the hardest decision of my life. She was unconscious on the exam room table when I said goodbye to her. The way things ended for us will always haunt me. I needed to get all this off my chest so ultimately I decided to write a review on my vet's Facebook page, leaving out no details. Afterwards I felt a sense of relief because in a way I was bringing justice to my Fancy while also sharing our story with others so that they might avoid finding themselves in the same situation. Maybe you could do something similar to help take a load off your mind? Like you, I know how painful it is to have a little box containing the ashes of your loved one. I keep my Fancy's ashes at my parents' house because I can't see that little box every day, knowing that my best friend is in it. I just can't do it. It's on the bookshelf in my old bedroom among framed photos of her and momentos like a drawing of her and a collar she used to wear. It's a beautiful little memorial honoring my Fancy girl; my best friend and soulmate. Sending you thoughts of peace and healing, Guilt_beyond_imagination.
  3. Hello, Anne7676. I'm deeply sorry about the passing of your Izzy. As others have already said, you have a place here to grieve and also to remember and honor your loved one. Based off of what you wrote, it seems as though Izzy was your best friend. What an amazing thing to have your beloved pup accompany you to work! I understand the pain of no longer having a travel buddy, since I said goodbye to my best friend and travel companion, Fancy, over 2 months ago (typing things like that are still so hard for me). I loved her with all my heart and soul... and still do. Every time I went to visit my parents she went with me. She just loved them so much and they always spoiled her. She was a constant loving presence in my life. But not having her anymore has forced me (VERY unwillingly) to live in a different way. The same goes for you now that your companion is no longer with you (in body, anyway). Speaking from my own experience, the passing of time has made the emotional trauma less severe and the bouts of grief less frequent but my grieving process is still far from over. Just when I think I might have reached the end something triggers me and I dissolve into a blubbering mess. Just a little bit ago I saw my Fancy girl's carrier in the living room and I felt compelled to kiss it which then brought on a fit of sobbing which then prompted me to visit this board after not dropping by for a while. But it's important for these moments to run their course because each little fit of sobbing takes a tiny piece of the grief away so that in time the pain won't be as much of a burden. Through all of this I hope you're able to focus on the fact that your Izzy was well-loved, had a wonderful life and that you made the most merciful decision you could in order to help her. Please remember you're not alone during this journey through grief. Sending thoughts of peace and healing your way.
  4. Yes, she does look deceptively small in that pic. It's ironic that for as sick as she must have been during the time that photo was taken, she looked very healthy. She was still eating her prescription diet food to control her weight and things seemed to relatively be on the up and up. What came after was like a roller coaster ride that I wasn't buckled in for.
  5. Did she ever! I called her baby girl, my beautiful girl, beautiful Fancy, my nudgie girl (nudgie is apparently a word used to describe a pest but I thought it was a cute sounding word and so I used it when she was nuzzling/nudging me or being playful in some other way), baby buttons and any combination of those words (ex: my baby nudgie buttons), Queen Mother (because she was the queen of the house who at times acted like a mother to my other, younger cats) and Sister Fancy Ebony Fur (after the song "Sister Golden Hair") to name a few. Yes. there were more and yes, I am nuts lol! I have to admit I got a kick out of this lol. I'd like to hear- well, read- any nicknames for Onion you'd care to share. Yes, the fact that we shared every moment of our lives with our beloved furry companions means that they leave an imprint on our hearts that not even most people can achieve. I was extremely close with my Nana and after she passed away on her 98th birthday back in September 2017, I experienced despair that I never even knew was possible. The loss of my Fancy girl has taken things to a whole other level, though. I've never in my life been suicidal and I certainly don't advocate for it but after experiencing the massive amount of suffering I've gone through I have to say I can completely understand what could drive a person to commit such a desperate act. Losing a pet that is your best friend and soulmate is an overwhelmingly painful and confusing experience. Continuing to send thoughts of peace and healing your way.
  6. No worries! I like that these discussions provide each of us an opportunity to share the love we had with our beloved furry companions and that they can provide comfort to us all because as alone as we each may feel in our grief, it's clear that we're all traveling the same hard road. Offering someone support is a wonderful thing to do in their moment of need and sharing your own experiences is part of that support. I thank you for sharing your story. Thank you. In some ways losing my Fancy was/is the most difficult experience of my life. She had such a beautiful and loving soul and I can't quite put into words just how badly I miss her and everything about her; her big yellow-green eyes, her docile personality, her loud purr, her walk, her soft meow whenever she wanted to be petted or given a treat. I miss seeing her and calling her one of the many affectionate nicknames I came up with for her. I said goodbye to my Fancy back on April 5th but still a few weeks ago I walked into my dining room and without thinking I called out "beautiful Fancy" because that's what I used to do when I entered a room knowing she was in it. I was crushed when I caught myself a split second later, realizing she wasn't. But, yes, pets have a massive and lasting impact on us. The experience of not having my Fancy has been unbearable at times but I'm doing everything I can to keep going. Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you're also able to find some peace and healing throughout this emotionally tumultuous time in your life. I love that photo! Your Onion was adorable! She was black (partly, anyway) and had (what look to be) yellow-green eyes, just like my Fancy girl. Black cats are the best! I keep saying this but I never thought I'd have a black cat and now that I don't have one my world doesn't feel right. Below is a picture of my Fancy, which I think was taken only about a week or 2 before she passed away. You can see her head is slightly cocked to the side, which is what she used to do when she was eager for a treat. She'd tilt her head this way and that and let out a little meow until you gave her one. Thinking about it makes me chuckle with happiness but I also can't help coming unglued because I feel such a keen sense of pain knowing I'll never experience those moments with her again. I miss her.
  7. That's such a sad image. I'm sorry, JulesR. I had a similar experience with my Fancy. On the morning right before I took her to the vet for (what I didn't know would be) the last time, we were driving back to our place from my parents'. I put my finger in her carrier door to rub her chin the way I had done countless times before on our road trips together but instead of nuzzling it the way she always did, she just laid her chin on it as if to say, "please Dad, let me just rest like this for a while". I had a sudden feeling that she was saying goodbye to me and I even asked her "Fancy, are you saying goodbye"? Of course she couldn't answer, but then almost immediately I blew it off, completely convincing myself it couldn't be true. When we got to our place she showed an interest in eating and drinking but she couldn't swallow because she could hardly breathe. When I went to get her to put her back in her carrier to take her to our vet's ER, she was sitting on the floor next to my bed and the way she looked up at me with confusion in her eyes is something that's burned into my mind. My last memory I have of her alive is of her in an oxygen cage with me trying to pet her through the little opening and her shuffling around in overwhelming bewilderment and desperation. I never, in a million years, would have thought our time together could end in such a heartbreaking way. I feel your pain. When I'm at my place I kiss my Fancy's carrier before going to sleep every night. Her cat bed was always kept on my bed and she used to sleep beside me in it and now every night I have to sleep with it up against me. If I wake up in the middle of the night and I find that I've moved too far away from it, I quickly pull it closer to me. When I visit my parents one of the first things I do when I get there is kiss the box containing her ashes (I decided to keep her ashes at my Mom and Dad's because visiting them together was our special tradition and also because I can't bring myself to see that box everyday knowing that's all that's left of my best friend). I kiss the box before going to bed and I also sleep with the little blanket she loved to take catnaps with while at her Nanny and Pappy's, holding it tight to me. She always used to sleep up against my feet and several times since her passing I've woken up in the middle of the night, finding myself at an awkward angle because instinctively my legs "look" for her but she's no longer there. I'm sorry you're having such a terrible time with the loss of your beloved girl, JulesR. I continue to send positive and healing thoughts your way.
  8. I'm so very sorry for your loss, JulesR. You hit the nail on the head with everything you said. This is EXACTLY how I've been feeling. My Fancy wasn't "just a cat" or "just another pet". She was my other half, my best friend and my soulmate. A constant loving presence in my life for the past 11 and a half years. Without her I feel less than who I was and I keep wondering when my new existence without her will start to "click" and make sense to me. I go to sleep at night with her cat bed next to me and she's not in it, purring up a storm. I wake up in the morning and she doesn't come hurrying over to me for breakfast. When I go to visit my parents she's not next to me in the car. I've been going about my days constantly thinking about her, crying and missing her with all my heart and soul, wondering when I'm going to feel a sense of wholeness again. Ditto. That's how it's been for me, too. Not having my Fancy with me has been a crushing, insurmountable loss and the "glimpses", at times, have been utterly devastating and debilitating (although thankfully they're becoming somewhat less frequent). A few Saturdays ago I sobbed for about 2 hours straight and I still felt no relief afterwards. I've never cried like that before in my whole life (and I've lost quite a number of family members over the years, both human and animal). I cry when I see her carrier in the living room, knowing she'll never go on another road trip with me to her Nanny and Pappy's. I cry when I look at the spot on the floor next to my bed where she was sitting right before I took her to the vet for the last time. I cry at work at any given time because I know when I get home she won't be here to greet me and make me feel better. My Fancy was a constant source of happiness and comfort in my life and I had so many kisses, hugs, snuggles and pettings left to give her but now I won't be able to give them to her (at least not in this life). Thank you for sharing, JulesR. I'm sending thoughts of peace and healing your way.
  9. Thank you so much for your support, Buster's Mom. I'm sorry you had to experience something similar to what I went through with my Fancy girl. It's been a month and a half since I said goodbye to my soulmate and I still can't quite wrap my head around it. There are moments where, out of nowhere, a crushing wave of grief hits me and I'm forced to consider the reality of not having her here with me but there are other moments where I'm unable to fathom the loss I've suffered. It's like I entered into a parallel universe or existence where things aren't the way they're supposed to be and I feel a sense of denial about the situation. I live my life the way I normally do but things aren't normal because I don't have my baby girl with me. This process of grieving has been emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting. I thank you for sending love my way and I wish love, peace and healing for you as well.
  10. I found all of this very interesting. Having so many run-ins with rabbits when you knew that particular animal held such a significance for your mother definitely seems like she was trying to communicate with you. I haven't dealt with anything like that but my Aunt who had been my Nana's housemate and caretaker has been fixated on cardinals ever since my Nana passed away in 2017. A cardinal sighting is supposedly a sign that a deceased loved one is nearby and my Aunt has had several. This has brought her the sense that my Nana is doing well and sending her love. As far as your relationship with your mother, I'm sorry it wasn't a very positive one but so nice to hear that you felt she was reaching out to tell you she loved you. I'm sure that was a very welcomed bit of closure for you. I'd always been very skeptical and pretty disbelieving about communicating with the dead, psychics and things of that ilk prior to my Fancy's passing. In all honesty I always thought people who said they were visited by a dead relative or could see dead people/animals were either crazy, attention-seeking or both. Now, in spite of myself, I feel a bit differently. Friday, April 26 was the third week anniversary of my Fancy's passing and I was terribly depressed but around 2:15pm (the time she was put to sleep) the sun came out after being gloomy all day prior. Then early the next morning (Saturday, the 27th) I had a dream and while I couldn't remember the dream at all it was enough to wake me up and when I woke up I thought that my Fancy girl was curled up next to me; through my sleep-hazed eyes I swore I saw her for a split second. Sunday night (the 28th) "Sister Golden Hair" came on the radio while I was at work and that song was significant because about 2 months prior it was stuck in my head which prompted me at that time to nickname my baby girl "Sister Fancy Ebony Fur". Finally when I got home from work that night, I sat down feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. All of a sudden I felt this exhilarating rush of relief all over my body and as it grew stronger I couldn't stop myself from sobbing with joy. I felt delirious, elated and full of bliss. I'd never experienced a sensation like that before in my life. I literally felt the heaviness of anguish on my chest be lifted away and I noticed a significant change in my ability to breathe. The immense grief that had been weighing on my heart was gone just like that and suddenly everything was put into perspective. It was as though my Fancy came to me and said, "you've suffered enough and now the pain's going to go away so you can move on". I know I must sound totally nuts but I swear on my life I'm telling the truth. Of course I still miss my Fancy but things have definitely been a lot easier for me since having that experience. I wish everyone could feel what I felt at least one time in their life. I agree. My Nana was like a second mom to me but other than seeing a rainbow in the sky about an hour after she passed away back in September of 2017, I haven't received any noticeable signs from her. What comforts me, though, is I feel her spirit. I don't see her or hear her but I just have a sense that she's around. My relationship with my Fancy has obviously been quite different. Like your Freya, my Fancy was the first pet I got while on my own. She came to me during my senior year of college while I was living in my first apartment. I was on the cusp of adulthood about to go out into the world and to have had such a great companion during that time was so very special. To have had her for 11 and a half years, though, is even more so. Not having her with me (physically, at least) has felt like the end of an era... and really, that's exactly what it is.
  11. It's amazing that you're able to hear your deceased loved ones! I've never had that experience but I can say I definitely feel the spirits of certain loved ones who have passed away (namely my Fancy girl and my Nana). My Nana passed away on her 98th birthday back in September of 2017 and an hour after her passing a rainbow appeared in the sky. I haven't received any recognizable or distinct signs from her since then where I've thought, "oh, hey, that's my Nana trying to tell me something" but I do feel that she's always with me. In some ways it's like she never left. My Fancy was/is my soulmate and I've received several unmistakable signs from her since her passing back on April 5th. They all came last weekend for some reason, though. Maybe my baby girl knew she would need to reach out to me in succession in order for me to "get the message", so to speak. Otherwise if the signs were spread out over a long period I may have interpreted them as mere coincidences. But anyway, one of them was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. On Sunday night a wave of total bliss washed over my whole body and I could literally feel the weight of grief that had been laying heavy on my chest just lift off, as though this burden I had been carrying for weeks just evaporated. It was an extraordinary sensation! I felt delirious afterwards and I know in my heart that my Fancy girl had a hand- correction, paw!- in it. It was exactly what I needed. The elated feeling has dulled since then but at least I haven't been in a constant state of anguish the way I was. I would love to have another experience like that again and hopefully it would be soon! I completely understand your hesitation about sharing your experiences. Sometimes people just don't "get it". But it's important to trust your heart.
  12. Thank you so much for your compassionate and beautiful words, Clematis. Your Lena is adorable. Black cats are the best! Before getting my Fancy I never thought I'd have one. Now it feels so wrong to NOT have one. That's so true. When I took my Fancy to the vet for the last time I had no idea at all that it would be the last time. In my mind she was going to be hospitalized for a few days, treated and then I was going to bring her home. We were going to spend at least a few more years together. I had so much love left to give her. I was woefully unprepared for the hopeless diagnosis my baby girl received and hearing people say that she lived a long time is no consolation and has not brought me any comfort. The fact is she got cancer and didn't get to live out a full, natural life and I'm left to deal with the passing of my soulmate. You're absolutely correct in saying that "losing a loved one is always too soon", and in mine and my Fancy's case it was WAY too soon. It's true that we can never know for sure how long we'll have a loved one, no matter how well they're cared for. All we can do is continue to give them our love and devotion. I'm certain you would do everything and anything for your beloved Lena. Lord knows I showed every kindness to my Fancy and spared no expense for her. Even though I amassed a crushing amount of debt in order to get medical attention for her I don't regret it because I wanted to help her. What I DO regret, though, is that our vet put off finding the cause of my baby girl's troubled breathing for too long and there was basically nothing that could be done to save my best friend by the time he finally decided to take action. Those dreams sounded beautiful! Did you feel they were just dreams or that they were signs from your Lena? I don't know if you read my one response to kayc up above, but I've already received what I truly believe are signs from my baby girl. I've lost many loved ones over the years (both animal and human) but have never experienced what I experienced last weekend with my Fancy. I'm something of a cynic and never put much belief in metaphysical or supernatural stuff before but I don't think what occurred could be chalked up to mere coincidences. I believe my Fancy girl was communicating with me to let me know she's fine and that I shouldn't hold on to the tremendous anguish I'd been feeling. I've felt lighter ever since. I rest a lot easier now because I believe, as you said, relationships don't end when a loved one passes away, they merely evolve. Do I have my baby girl with me to kiss and pet and snuggle with anymore? No, and that saddens me a great deal- but I feel her spirit is around and watching over me, reassuring me that things are ok and that we'll be together again someday. I truly believe my soulmate will always be with me.
  13. Thanks, kayc! I know I'll never have another companion like my Fancy- she left such a stamp on my heart!- but the joy of having pets is that they bring their own distinct personalities and energies to your life. I feel that the most painful part of the grieving period for my Fancy may be drawing to a close. Since this past Friday I've received several (what I interpret to be) signs from my baby girl. Friday was the 3rd week anniversary of her passing and around the time she was put to sleep (2:15pm) the sun came out after a morning of gloomy, rainy weather. I thought, "oh, it would be so nice if that sunlight and blue sky were a sign from my Fancy girl" but I just shrugged it off. Then early Sat morning I had a dream and although I don't remember what it was about, I woke up from it with my arm around her cat bed and feeling like she was right there beside me. It took all of a microsecond to realize that she wasn't and so I chalked it up to my mind playing cruel tricks on me but then I got another sign on Saturday evening when the song "Sister Golden Hair" came on the radio. That song had gotten stuck in my head about 2 months ago and at that time I came up with the nickname "Sister Fancy Ebony Fur" for my baby girl. I had been calling her that up until she passed away. Finally, last night after coming home from work I felt a wave of relief wash over me and I was left feeling blissful, as though my Fancy or God or perhaps the 2 were telling me, "hey, you've suffered enough and now it's time for the pain to go away". That euphoric feeling- so very thankfully!- has continued on, so far. I still miss my Fancy deeply and I've cried several times already today but the tears were of joy and thankfulness instead of anguish and despair. It's the first time I've been able to breathe easy since April 4th, as though the weight I'd been carrying on my chest has finally been lifted. I think now the time has come for rejoicing and remembering. Thank you for your kindness and support in all of this, kayc. Wishing you peace and happiness.
  14. You had so many companions, kayc! That's wonderful. Terribly sad, though, that you had to experience so many untimely losses. For me, there was Nicky the yorkie (who I always say was my Mom and Dad's first kid) who lived a long life but was put down due to chronic asthma and complications from old age. Then we had Homer the cat who we took in after someone dropped him off just up the street from my parents house. He was such a good cat and, of course, well-loved. He was an outdoor cat but always came home without fail. Then one morning my Mom received a call from her friend telling her there was a dead cat that looked a lot like ours alongside the road. Must have been hit by a car. Tragically enough it was our Homer. That was a devastating day. I was just a middle schooler and it was the first shock death I had ever experienced. To lose my beloved friend in such a way haunted me. I took it very hard for a very long time. There were some nights when I was terribly grief-stricken and couldn't sleep so I'd sneak out of the house and go to his grave in our backyard to talk to him. But early in my freshman year of high school we went to the SPCA and adopted Tiger Boy. He had a mischievous streak but he was adored and pampered just like all of our other animals. He was with us up until the beginning of my senior year of college. We kept him strictly indoors but one day he snuck out while the door was open. I was living in an apartment near my college, which was 2 hours away from my parents house. When I found out Tiger had gotten out I was beside myself. I drove the 2 hours home to my parents to look for him, going up into the woods to see if I could find any trace of him. For about a week the process was: drive 2 hours to my parents so I could look for Tiger, drive 2 hours back up to my apartment a day or 2 later and then back to my parents. I looked for him day and night, rain and shine, by foot and by car, but I never found our Tiger. One of the friends I was living with saw how heartbroken and depressed I was over the loss of Tiger and suggested she bring a recently adopted cat from her cousin's house. This cat had been found in the woods behind their house fairly recently and since they already had 2 big dogs and another cat it wasn't the best arrangement for any of them. I wasn't really ready to accept another animal into my life but since I deeply missed the companionship of a furry little one I agreed. That's how my Fancy came into my life, and right away she singled me out and decided I was going to be her person. And so I was, from then on and forever after. I apologize for the tangent but your comment stirred up a wonderful remembrance of all the cherished furry companions I've had throughout my life. Like you, I haven't had the greatest luck with my animals as far as health and unexpected tragedy, but the bond I had with them was everything (particularly the one I had with my Fancy because I had her for so long and we did so much together).
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