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  1. Just passed Kevin's birthday and next month is the six year make it still seems like yesterday yet so long ago I am not on here hardly anymore this time of the year draws me back every year because it is the hardest and always hits me , I want to welcome all the new people to the group no one wants to be apart of, this place is such a big help people on here genuinely care and just get what your going through I lost Kevin to a drug overdose we were together 26 years and had 7 kids and grandkids, have had more grandkids since he passed, to everyone new to grief my heart goes out to you, I understand the feeling of loss , of hopelessness, of not wanting to go on, of missing them until your body just aches, for those who didn't get to say goodbye I understand he passed away while I was at work by the time I got to my house he was gone, I wish I had a way to take the pain away , I can say you will never forget them they will always be in your heart, time just teaches you how to live with the loss and hopefully find some joy in life even in the little things, anyway me heart is with everyone hug
  2. As I sit here on my porch going through old posts and songs I have posted just brings back so much sadness, it's so hard to believe it's been 5 years since my life forever changed that my tomorrow changed, even though I have come so far and there are days I don't even think about loss days like today just totally bring it all back, the emptiness consumes me, though I know I will make it through as I always do I just feel like today is a total backwards day, I see the paramedics telling me I am sorry mam he is gone, I can see him sitting on the couch looking at me the morning of his passing but I said nothing because I was so mad at him for using the night before, I can see him running around with my grandkids, I feel so much regret today, so much that I do now that I should have done when he was alive, even the new love I have found will never fill this void , I come on here to share with people so they can maybe see it gets alittle less painful with time and yet it sometimes just pulls me back to day one anyways know this is long am sorry just needed to free my mind today, hugs to all in this journey we never wanted
  3. I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my husband of 26 years 5 years ago , we never made it to 45 years that is along time alot of wonderful memories I am sure of, I was not able to say goodbye to Kevin he passed away from a drug overdose when I was at work, not that being able so say goodbye makes it any easier in anyway but I wish I had a chance to say my final goodbye to say I love you and share his last moments together, I had 7 grandkids when he passed away I now have 9 with two on the way they truly do give you a reason to smile and keep going, , I know that this road is along one full of sadness and loneliness but know that you are never alone hugs
  4. Dee P yes unfortunately the pain is always with us but I try to remember that the love is always with me to though I can't hold or see Kevin's smile anymore I know that I was blessed to of had that love and I try to keep it in me even on the darkest days, I was lucky to of been able to love again but deep in my heart I know that the love I had with Kevin will never be the same that I now share with someone else even to this day Kevin was my soulmate, I didn't want to be here without him not even for a minute but I knew he tried so hard to keep me safe when he was alive that he would not want me to be with him before my time it is not an easy rode not one I wish for anyone to be on but if I had to choose between having the love I had and feeling loss now or never knowing that love I would choose the loss everytime because I was so blessed, and not for this to sound wrong but I learned so much with the loss, I learned to never take someone I love for granted, I learned to never hold onto anger, I learned to appreciate so much more so even in his death Kevin gave me a new life hugs to you , you are never alone
  5. I am so sorry for you loss, you have gotten lots of good advice already not much more I can say except I can relate I lost my husband of 26 years to an overdose of fentanyl I unlike you knew he was using I didn't like it and it caused alot of problems for us he also had bipolar disorder but threw it all I stuck by him, swelling on what you felt or should have done is truly hard I know I dwelled on my guilt for along time if only I could have been tougher force him to stop to get help but unfortunately would have could have should have only make us feel worse and don't bring our loved ones back, and yes it is so true no one who has not lost there partner to death will ever understand how could they, I know nothing I can way will take away your pain just know that the pain does lighten it never goes away but it lightens and know you are never alone hugs
  6. I am so sorry for your loss you have gotten such good advice on hear from everyone not sure what else can say, except I understand how you feel, the feeling of emptiness, loneliness, of not wanting to be here without them, of your whole life just crumbling, I lost my Kevin 5 years ago from a drug overdose, he had bipolar disorder and at least three times before the overdose he had attempted suicide though he did not succeed it was very hard , it was very hard for me to think of a future, I just took it one breath at a time my future did not exist anymore for me I decided that I did not want to spend the remaining years of my life in utter sadness, and it was not easy but slowly I started to smile again, I was able to find someone to love again, I still have rough days, days where I just want my past life back where I would give anything to just hear Kevin's voice or see his face, everyone's journey is unique to them and there is no right or wrong journey loss of a spouse is so life changing, just know that you are never alone hugs
  7. I think most days I am able to find that light even if just a small one I just try to remember even for the loss I have suffered I have been blessed in so many ways I have my health, my children, my grandkids, even just to wake up to me is a gift even if its lonely sometimes because there will come a time when I to won't have all of that hugs to all
  8. I felt guilty at the beginning of my journey my Kevin was addicted to drugs he passed away from a fentanyl overdose, I remember one day going to work and just feeling so exhausted from dealing with it that I said lord I can't do this anymore I just need this to stop a few months later Kevin passed away I felt like god had answered my prayer in a way I didn't want ( I am not trying to offend anyone I know everyone has different beliefs) it took me forever and Marty reminding me that I didn't have that much power to just wish someone away I was just so exhausted guilt if a very powerful emotion on that can be very hard to let go of
  9. I don't have any mental disorders but all if my children I think inherited a form of a mental disorder from there father he had bipolar, all of my kids either have bipolar, anxiety or depression some have PTSD from him passing I have noticed it worse sometimes since his passing with I was more help to you
  10. I am so sorry I know this is very hard I know that feeling of just missing them so much your entire body just hurts, I am sure you did the best you could to care for him we almost all have regrets things we wish we would have did or said more I would just talk to Kevin outside telling him everything I wish I would have said telling him what I was sorry for whether he heard me or not I like to think so but it made me feel better I know this road is hard and painful my heart goes out to you hugs
  11. I am not offended in anyway I am sure that quite a few people feel exactly like you I just choose to tell myself that this is just the way it is now as much as I hate it my life will never be the same so I choose to look at it as my new normal it's just my personal preference so I guess I would like to apologize to anyone who that term might offend I know that life before their death was normal and this new life can be full of emptiness, loss, loneliness but for me I have to try to find a light in this dark road for my kids, for my grandkids, for my own personal sanity I don't want to spend the last part of my life in utter despair and hopelessness it's not easy but am trying very hard hugs to all
  12. Very true the it's like your brain goes into overdrive thinking of the day coming knowing it a day that just really sucks, then it takes a few days to get back to what is your new normal hugs to all
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