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  1. I want you to know how sorry I am for your loss and I lost my husband of 26 years almost 5 years ago and I know the pain I would suggest taking one breath at a time if you have to I know it will come in waves but there is a point where the waves become smaller less frequent I am so sorry for your loss and know you are not alone . Hugs
  2. I truly am sorry for your loss let me start be saying this is not your fault you had no way of knowing what would happen I lost my Kevin to a drug overdose and I kept thinking if only I had been tougher if only I had stopped him from using somehow that day it took me along time to accept it was not my fault unfortunately there are alot of questions we will not have answers to, I wish there was away to tell you how to stop the pain it is a pain I don't wish on anyone I can tell you to just take one moment at a time one breath at a time if you have to and know you are no
  3. Thank you so much I feel you pain I really do I still miss Kevin very much especially when something is going on with my kids ( they are all adults) he was the only other person on the planet to love them like I do I know that marker days are very hard some of the hardest at least for me I am very luck to be able to love again sometimes I get scared though scared of suffering the loss again my new partner is 7 years my senior so high chance of it again but I try not to think about it because I have learned that with love comes loss , I can't say it gets better with time hop
  4. Thank you all for the advice a part of me thinks alot of it comes from him not fully understanding the loss of a spouse he told me when we first met he felt very sorry for my loss and he knew from reading my old Facebook posts that I had gone through alot pain and I have explained to him that the sorrow I feel for the loss of Kevin has nothing to do with him he just can't seem to completely comprehend that sometimes example Kevin's five year mark is Monday and I took off work to be with my daughter because it is a hard day and his response was I don't understand why you have
  5. Thank you Marty I will he was tremendous source of help and encouragement when I first started this journey
  6. Thank you for your kind words I am so sorry for your loss I remember all to well those feelings of not just being here without Kevin hurt didn't feel like living without him I do consider myself lucky in alot of way thank you for reminding me of it I was lucky to of had 26 amazing years of unconditional love and I am lucky to be able to love again maybe I am thinking to much into it
  7. Hello to all this post might be alittle long so I apologize now if it is I am not sure how many people can relate to this but need any support out there I a week will be 5 years Kevin has been gone this upcoming marker has been alittle harder on me than last few not really sure why anyways I was able to find someone special in my life again to find love again been with him for 2 years now I never thought I would utter those words the first year Kevin was gone I could not picture love again I know alot of people do not find love again or don't wa to look for it again an
  8. I am so sorry for your loss, I like to think that we don't stay miserable for the rest of our lives that we find away to smile laugh and still enjoy things in life but unfortunately I don't think we ever truly won't have sad moments not with the love we shared with our partners it's just getting to the point where the happy moments out way the sad I don't think we are ever over it we just learn to live with the loss and hopefully find a sense of peace and happiness again
  9. Hello to everyone I have not been on here in about a year am sure lots of new people who have joined this journey of grief my name is Robin and I lost my husband of 26 years almost 5 years ago I found this site and with the caring of others I found out I was not alone in my grief journey I went through it all the hopeless feelings, the not wanting to be here without him feelings, the feeling utterly lost in this world but slowly I found away to keep going to smile again to even find love for another again his 5th year is coming up in May and its hitting me extremely hard this year
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