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It hurts everyday that i know my 6 year old will one day submit to Kidney failure. He's at stage four I am lucky to have him this long, my 17 year old died march 1st from a sudden heart attack. And my cat Jasmine is 19. I may lose all three in one year and its crushing me. They help with my anxiety and depression. And maybe losing all 3? Idk how I am gonna cope.

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Try to take one day at a time and enjoy them TODAY.  We'll deal with it as it comes.  My cat is 21 and my dog is already at his life span for Golden Retrievers (9 1/2) he's 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Siberian Husky.  He seems in good condition and I'm taking good care of him, enjoying them every day.  Giving lots of belly rubs and walks!

I'm sorry you have a dog with kidney problems. :(

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