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Day of the Dead

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Today is the Day of the Dead. I'm not Mexican, but I'm aware of the tradition. It was never personal. Then we have All Souls day, which was a nice ceremony and something to go with Halloween.  Halloween is a huge holiday on Beacon Hill and we always decorate our building and hand out massive amounts of candy. Sitting on the stoop with a basket of candy and talking to all the kids was one of Susan's favorite things and her smile could light up the night.

Sure is different and more real now! Will be hard to think of anything but her absence tonight, on the Day of the Dead. This is another in the procession of "first without Susan". And I have a whole new perspective on the Halloween decoration tombstones,  skeletons, skulls etc.  Sunday I'm going to light a candle for Susan at an All Soul's service.

This is just the latest in a string of words, sayings, ceremonies etc becoming real:

Till Death Do Us Part

Couldn't live without you

Hope we have many more

Gave me a big grief attack, I miss her so much. Pic is from last year! Not the slightest hint she'd be gone in 5 months 🐼😪


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When they were talking about it on t.v., I thought how weird that they have a holiday for the dead, but it makes sense that it's a way people can honor those that they've lost.

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I don't know how much you've explored this site, but there are countless articles on just about everything to do with grief, including this list of them dealing with "special days"

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