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  1. Yes, I understand perfectly. I had exactly the same experience on 3/31/17. Couldn't even say goodbye after 48 yrs of unconditional love. Changed from a single entity Tom&Susan to being alone in 5 min with no warning. This kind of loss adds trauma to grief. I've had the same experiences with people with a timetable for "getting over it". But I have had a great experience with a grief counselor. I think that's because she has had her own losses, the long death of her husband and the sudden death of her daughter. The shared experience makes the bond. Best wishes TomPB
  2. I feel with you, George. In June and July I have our wedding anniversary and Susan's birthday within 3 weeks. I remember all the good things and the precious rituals but the loss is still the main thing I feel.
  3. Johnny, yeah, I'm hoping for what Shirley says, not there yet. I'm reading Christina Rasmussen's "Where did you go". First chapter is imagining going through a door to where I can meet Susan's spirit. She says make up your own concept. So I imagine stepping through a door that looks like one of the paintings on my wall. It's guarded by a stuffed 🐼 Susan gave me and he tells me to go right in. I'm immediately at a marina we visited a lot. The sky is bright on a beautiful day and I'm remembering the good times we had there. It is extra bright over the mooring field so I walk to where I can see it and our boat is there, glowing, with Susan in the cockpit reading and glowing. She waves to me and I wave. I walk down the stairs to the float and when the launch comes I tell the driver to take me to our "Morning Gloria". But he says no, Tom, it's not your time yet, you have to go back for now. So I go back through door and I'm home again. Crying writing this...Crazy TomPB
  4. Well year 3 continues. The pattern of OK periods alternating with grief attacks continues. The OK periods may be getting longer and better, but the grief attacks are as bad as ever when they come. I had the thought recently that I'm starting to think of my life with Susan as something in the past. Earth people would say "Well, obviously" but you know what I mean. That really set me off. I miss her so much.
  5. Exactly. I have two opposite approaches. "I've lost my Susan, nothing else can hurt me" and "I've lost my Susan, I can't take one more thing"
  6. Kay, my best wishes. I know it's extra hard to face things without the one who would have been your #1 support, ❤️🐼
  7. I'm a month into yr 3. In a way yr 2 was worse than yr 1 since I wasn't simply stunned and was more conscious of the horror, but I can't really say that anything was worse than yr 1, when my world ended. Now I think I'm actually having longer periods of "OK", then I flash back to thinking its all fake to be pretending to have an OK life without Susan, or grief over what I'd taken for granted. . I'd been writing my thoughts and feelings a LOT and now have less motivation to write. Maybe I'm even getting used to living alone. Maybe I'm making some progress reaching Susan's spirit. I have another appt with Cindi the Psychic next month. My counselor says let yr 3 be the year of action, whatever that means. Making changes. Where is this going? What is the point? I really don't know my own mind.
  8. Being surrounded by couples is hard. A friend was having a birthday party and he tried to convince me to come by listing all the people I knew who were coming "with his wife". He had no idea that he couldn't have done better at convincing me to NOT come if he tried. Several cases like that. Seeing a couple our age who look happy I think "how did you live?" And seeing a couple sailing a boat is torture. Nothing was better than just me and Susan on our 33' sailboat, all by ourselves on the ocean.
  9. LOL. It went easy this year. Hardest thing was reading numbers off the forms to enter them & thinking about how Susan used to read them to me.
  10. Had no problem doing my taxes with TurboTax, tho had a twinge over status of "single". Don't believe that in my heart. I'd never donated stock before like I did to the AUTM foundation for Susan's scholarships and I feared there wd be questions I could not answer, but I had all the info and it was easy. Yes, good to have it done.
  11. I did put "coincidences" in quotes Baby birds may be here, can barely see something tiny moving under mama. Let go another link today. We took Sunday delivery of the paper for the crossword that we did together. Otherwise I just read online. So I've been getting this Sun paper and not reading it but didn't want to cancel. Today I did and went all digital. More sadness.
  12. Update on my Israeli friend Aharon who was hit with traumatic loss of his Tamy. Tamy had a trip planned (since, like Susan, she wasn't sick) to visit friends in Baltimore. Now Aharon is going instead. The flight just happens to connect in Boston! There were no plans to visit me originally, just a coincidence. So we will meet at the airport 1 week from tomorrow. The level of recent "coincidences" is making me dizzy.
  13. Christina Rasmussen said "Love is the thread between the seen and the unseen." I believe it. Here's Susan's spirit bird.
  14. LOL too many experts needing to show that they're contributing to the field. One thing the 🐼 DOES know is the academic game
  15. I do a nightly meditation on Susan and sometimes I have music. She was a ballet dancer so sometimes it's ballet music, other times it's from early in our marriage. One night last week in the final stage of the meditation, where I try to leave my body and join her spirit, the Wedding Song by Peter Paul and Mary came on. I had a really strong cry over that one.
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