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OMG. These are the symptoms my husband had after 28 days in the hospital.He died August 28th, 2017. He started experiencing low oxygen levels after being home for two weeks from a routine hip surgery. They tested him for everything between blood tests and x-rays. Even the autopsy showed– acute respiratory distress syndrome. This is absolutely horrible. But how would I KNOW.? Isn't that what a team of 12 cardiologists, 12 , pulmonists, , onconoligsts, hematologists and diabetes team should have suspected? I am in shock right now.

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Inside Love, my sympathies to you and Autumn2 both.  My wife also was a victim to that insidious thing. C diff. As if she wasn't already in the hospital suffering from enough without that evil monster called c diff grabbing hold of her. She went into the hosp with pneumonia on 12/13/2015. On the 15th she was moved to the hosp's critical care unit, and immediately put on a ventilator.  The hosp's policy was to strongly sedate patients such as my wife so they don't struggle and try to pull the tubes out. I ended her struggles on 1/1/2016 without her ever breathing on her own after going into the hosp. On Dec. 26th c diff found her. When I got there for the 10am one hour visit on the 26th her day shift nurse was just beginning to clean my wife up. She had developed a case of diarrhea and was laying in her mess. Please forgive this graphic explanation. The nurse told me that my wife had been laying in that filth long enough that it had begun to dry and cake on her body.  Where was the night shift nurse while my wife was messing on herself? I never was able to get an answer to that one?!  They could probably smell that delightful aroma 25 miles away on Galveston IslandBecause she died in a hospital an autopsy wasn't required by the state of Texas. I will always regret not being able to have an autopsy done, but I didn't have the $10,000  or more that it would have cost. Sepsis was the cause of death on her death certificate. The closest I got to THE question was "we clean our hospital, but we can't control what our patients bring in with them".  

One foot in front of the other...


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I'm sorry for you both.  :(

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