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Easter Sunday - 2006

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This is just a short message to say THANK YOU for all the help and hope that you wonderful people have given me over the past year. :)

I hope that this day is one of peace and comfort for you.

Try to concentrate on the many Happy Easters that you had with your loved one(s) and know that they want you to carry on.

As long as we live part of he/she lives on in us! :)

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Guest Guest_Deborah_*

We wish you peace and comfort this Easter also. I went to the cemetary today and tried to remember that he is with me. Thank you WaltC.

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I decided to skip Easter this year. All of my holidays the last ten months have been awful and I didn't want to do another one this year. I didn't sing in the choir, I didn't teach sunday school, I didn't have a family dinner...I treated it like any other day. Is that so terrible of me? I figured people at church could understand...or not. It's just too hard...

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